Crusader Hawkins

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Crusader Hawkins is a member of the Vigil found at the Shelter's Gate.



If you're stationed here, don't let anyone tell you the story of the Satteel Six.
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I'm not stationed here. What's the Satteel Six?
A few months back we controlled both this camp and the Penitent Camp at the other end of the tunnel. The Penitent Camp commander sent a group of six soldiers with a message for the commander here.
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What happened?
When they got to this end of the tunnel, they discovered this camp had just been overrun by Risen. They doubled back in a panic, only to find that the Penitent Camp had fallen too.
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So they were trapped?
Six unarmed soldiers, practically kids, trapped in that tunnel with a hundred Risen closing in from both sides. They say sometimes at night, you can still hear their screams echoing from outside.
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I'm sure it's just the wind.
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I can guess where this is going.
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Actually, never mind. I'm too busy for this.
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I'll try to avoid it.