Firthside Vigil

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Firthside Vigil

Firthside Vigil.jpg
Firthside Vigil

The Firthside Vigil is a Vigil camp used to bring help to the skritts of Challdar Gorges and the dredges of Mole's Head.





The stone tablet
The stone tablet found at Firthside Vigil.
  • On the raised ground just to the south of the camp, there is a stone tablet with New Krytan writing on it. This tablet contains the speech given by Shuyin, commander of the Desolation guild, after he coordinated the world's first Triple Trouble kill. The line-by-line translation of the text is as follows:
For days on end, my Desolation family,
my Tyrian family, my worldwide family
we fought this wurm. We failed time and time again
with one little thing here and one little
thing there we thought we had it.
We thought that we could win
Many a times we failed, many a times we almost gave up hope
We saw the darkness and almost fell victim to its torment
But no   Not on this day   This day we came together
This day   Friends   Family
Heroes of all kinds from this wonderful world of ours
We came together and we defeated this
wurm that had tormented us for so long
Triple Trouble?! More like no more! No more!
Bask in the glory!
Bask in the glory, for we are the heroes of this day!
Shuyin Sourunji of Desolation - 1328
This is a modified transcription of the speech that can be heard in this YouTube video of the fight. Some minor changes to the original speech have been made in order to remove game references, such as the word "players" being replaced with "heroes".