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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars 2.

Deborah, nicknamed Debs by those close to her, is a Seraph of the Falcon Company that was ambushed by centaurs some time before 1325 AE. The fate of the Falcon Company was left a mystery due to destroyed documents and political intrigue, leaving the survivors of the ambush at the hands of bandits for an unknown amount of time. She was eventually freed by her younger sibling and Logan Thackeray when they were tracking down the corruption of Captain Tervelan and a Minister backing his corrupt actions.

After being freed, she decided to join the Vigil to take up the fight to the Risen in Orr. During multiple missions, she and Tactician Beirne fought alongside and forged a close relationship, hinting at love between the two of them. However, when Deborah's life was threatened by Archmage Harshaf, Beirne sacrificed himself to save her. After this, Deborah decided to take care of Beirne's family back in Divinity's Reach and his faithful coyote, Allie.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]


Appearances as a prisoner
Appearances as a Vigil Crusader


Deborah's appearance in the latter Personal Story appears to be randomized if the player character did not do the Dead Sister storyline. [verification requested]
  • Deborah's appearance will change based on a dialogue option chosen during The Fall of Falcon Company.
    • Ascalonian: Ascalon is a fallen human kingdom situated between the Shiverpeak Mountains and Blazeridge Mountains that was conquered by the charr. Will have light skin with blond hair.
    • Canthan: Cantha is far to the south, across the Clashing Seas that has been cut off by the empire closing its borders and Risen Dead Ships. Will have pale skin with long straight black hair.
    • Elonian: Elona is a landmass to the southeast just beyond the Crystal Desert that has been overtaken by Palawa Joko, an undead leader. Will have dark skin with short black hair.
    • Krytan: The last human kingdom left on Tyria situated between the Shiverpeak Mountains and Maguuma Jungle. Will have tanned skin with short black hair and dark eyes.