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Based on info in today's ReadyUp. Descriptions are copied from the slides shown during the webcast, with some minor reformatting. Stuff in **(...) are things that the presenters said while discussing the traits, and may not be accurate.


Trait line Trait Description Acquired from
Zeal Amplified Wrath Burning damage is increased by 33%. Risen High Wizard
Radiance Radiant Retaliation Retaliation damage scales from condition damage instead of power. **(Scaling is increased, too) Risen Priest of Grenth
Valor Communal Defenses Grant 5s Aegis to allies in 360 range when you block an attack. **(Cooldown: 20s?) Karka Queen
Honor Force of Will Gain up to 300 vitality, based on your level. Grand Chest in the Ship of Sorrows
Virtues Purity of Body Resolve's passive effects increase endurance regeneration by 15%. Risen Priestess of Lyssa


Trait line Trait Description Acquired from
Strength Burst Precision Burst skills have an increased chance to critically hit. (Chance: 100%) Risen High Wizard
Arms Dual Wield Agility Your attack speed is increased by 10% when wielding a sword, axe, or mace in your offhand. Risen Priest of Grenth
Defense Rousing Resilience Gain up to 1000 Toughness, based on your level, when you break out of a stun. **(duration: 4s) Karka Queen
Tactics Phalanx Strength When you grant yourself Might, grant it to nearby allies as well. 6 seconds of Might is granted each time this trait triggers. Grand Chest in the Ship of Sorrows
Discipline Brawler's Recovery Remove Blindness when you swap weapons. Risen Priestess of Lyssa


Trait line Trait Description Acquired from
Explosives Synaptic Overload Gain 3 seconds of Quickness when you hit a foe with a knockback skill. Cooldown: 20s. Risen High Wizard
Firearms Bunker Down Create a proximity mine at your location when you critically hit with an attack. Mines have a 10s duration, 2s cooldown. **(Mines affected by traits except boon removal) Risen Priest of Grenth
Inventions Fortified Turrets Your turrets are surrounded by a reflective shield when created. 4s duration, ends if the turret is picked up or destroyed. Karka Queen
Alchemy Experimental Turrets Turrets apply boons based on the turret used in a 600 radius around them every 10s. Thumper Turret: Protection 3s; Net Turret: Swiftness 10s; Rifle Turret: Fury 5s; Healing Turret: Vigor 3s; Rocket Turret: Retaliation 3s; Flame Turret: Might x3 10s. Grand Chest in the Ship of Sorrows
Tools Gadgeteer Gadgets grant additional boons upon use. Boons vary based on the gadget used. A.E.D.: Retaliation 3s; Personal Battering Ram: Fury 5s; Rocket Boots: Vigor 4s; Slick Shoes: Regeneration 8s; Throw Mine: Aegis 6s; Utility Goggles: Might x5 8s. Risen Priestess of Lyssa


Trait line Trait Description Acquired from
Marksmanship Read the Wind Longbow and Harpoon Gun projectile velocity is increased by 100%. Risen High Wizard
Skirmishing Strider's Defense You have a 15% chance to block ranged attacks while in melee. Risen Priest of Grenth
Wilderness Survival Poison Master Poison you apply deals 50% extra damage. Poison your pet's first attack when they are swapped to. Karka Queen
Nature Magic Survival of the Fittest Remove two conditions and gain fury when using a survival skill. Grand Chest in the Ship of Sorrows
Beastmastery Invigorating Bond Your pet heals in an area when executing command abilities. Risen Priestess of Lyssa


Trait line Trait Description Acquired from
Deadly Arts Revealed Training Gain up to 200 extra power when you are revealed, based on your level. Risen High Wizard
Critical Strikes Invigorating Precision You are healed for a percentage critical strike damage dealt. Current rate is 5%. **(Doesn't proc on ambients) Risen Priest of Grenth
Shadow Arts Resilience of Shadows Stealth you apply reduces 50% of incoming attack damage. Karka Queen
Acrobatics Assassin's Equilibrium Gain 1s Stability when you are revealed. Grand Chest in the Ship of Sorrows
Trickery Bewildering Ambush Stealing applies 5 stacks of Confusion for 5 seconds. Risen Priestess of Lyssa


Trait line Trait Description Acquired from
Fire Magic Blinding Ashes Blind foes for 5s when you burn them. Cooldown: 5s. Risen High Wizard
Air Magic Lightning Rod Interrupting an enemy causes them to be struck by a damaging lightning bolt that leaves them weakened (5s). Risen Priest of Grenth
Earth Magic Stone Heart You cannot be critically hit while attuned to earth. Karka Queen
Water Magic Aquatic Benevolence Your healing to other allies (not self) is increased by 25%. Grand Chest in the Ship of Sorrows
Arcana Elemental Contingency Gain a boon when you are struck, based on your current attunement, cooldown: 10s. Fire: Retaliation (3.5s); Air: Fury (5s); Earth: Protection (2.5s); Water: Vigor (3s). Risen Priestess of Lyssa


Trait line Trait Description Acquired from
Domination Power Block Enemy skills that you interrupt have an increased cooldown of 10s. Risen High Wizard
Dueling Triumphant Distortion Gain 3s distortion upon killing an enemy. **(NO cooldown!) Risen Priest of Grenth
Chaos Bountify Disillusionment Gain boons each time a shatter skill is used. Mind Wrack: Retaliation 3s; Cry of Frustration: Might x3 15s; Diversion: Fury 5s; Distortion: Regeneration 8s. Karka Queen
Inspiration Disruptor's Sustainment Gain 1000 Healing Power for 5s upon interrupting a foe. Grand Chest in the Ship of Sorrows
Illusions Maim the Disillusioned Enemies hit by shatter skills are inflicted with torment. Risen Priestess of Lyssa


Trait line Trait Description Acquired from
Spite Parasitic Contagion A percentage of your condition damage heals you (5%, unaffected by healing power). Risen High Wizard
Curses Path of Corruption Dark Path now additionally converts 2 boons into conditions. Risen Priest of Grenth
Death Magic Unholy Sanctuary Regenerate health while you are in Death Shroud. **(same rate as Regeneration) Karka Queen
Blood Magic Unholy Martyr Draw 1 condition from allies every 3 seconds while in Death Shroud. Each time you draw a condition, gain 5% life force. Grand Chest in the Ship of Sorrows
Soul Reaping Renewing Blast Life Blast heals allies that it passes through. **(~800) Risen Priestess of Lyssa