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Feature Pack info: blog and wiki

Rough drafts[edit]

Compilations of new info[edit]

Supporting changes[edit]

  • Update {{Property:Has trait number}} to allow "13". Can't do this until release hits or else all Template:Trait tables will start showing trait XIII before it's live.
  • Add all XIII traits (duh). 1Yes Thanks Zesbeer!
  • Move Lightning Rod to Lightning Rod (accessory) to make way for the elementalist trait. (Pretty sure a grandmaster trait should take precedence over a level 3 karma item.) 1Yes
  • Document all the skins in the Account Vault Wardrobe.
  • Modify armor/weapon infoboxes to add a "skin" parameter.
    • This will probably set the Property:Has appearance.
    • Possibly perform a complete overhaul of how we handle armor/weapon appearance - store the screenshots only per skin and have the armor/weapon infobox query it via SMW.
Account bound
  • Run a bot to update the binding on all ascended and legendary infoboxes.