Thumper Turret

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Thumper Turret.png

Thumper Turret

Not available underwater  0.5½ Activation time  40 Recharge time  

Engineer tango icon 20px.png Engineer (skill list)
Tool belt
Eruption.png Rumble
Thumper Turret.png → Detonate Net Turret.png
Training cost
3 Hero points
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Turret. Build a high-health thumper turret that damages nearby foes. This turret overcharges when it is first placed.

 Damage.png Damage: 635 (1.0)?
 Crippled.png Cripple (3s): -50% Movement Speed
 Number of targets.png Number of Targets: 5
 Duration.png Rate of Fire: 3 seconds
 Radius.png Radius: 240

— In-game description [?]

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Version history[edit]

For a detailed skill history, see here.

Patch Changes
May 16, 2017
  • Turrets no longer need to be overcharged. Summoning a turret will automatically overcharge it once.
  • Detonate Turret: This skill has been moved off of the Tool Belt skill. It is now the flip skill for the associated turret.
  • Reduced recharge to 40 seconds.
  • Overcharge attack now launches foes straight up instead of out of the turret's attack range.
April 30, 2013
  • Updated skill facts to reflect cripple while Deployable Turrets is equipped.
March 26, 2013
  • All utility turrets now detonate after 5 minutes.
  • Damage from base attacks increased by 66%.
  • Base attacks now cripple for 3 seconds.
  • Self-destructs after 5 minutes.
August 28, 2012 Game release:
  • Thumper Turret has been added to the game.