Ship of Sorrows

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Ship of Sorrows

Ship of Sorrows map.jpg
Map of Ship of Sorrows


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The deck of the Ship of Sorrows
Ship of Sorrows treasure room

The Ship of Sorrows is an Explorer achievement and mini-dungeon located in Strait of Malediction within Straits of Devastation.


Ship of Sorrows Explorer 10Achievement points
Seek lost riches off Orr's shores.Straits within straits. Exploration Achievement 10Achievement points

Getting there[edit]

The mini-dungeon is in a sunken ship west of the Point of interest (map icon).png Plaza of Lost Wisdom.


You can either enter the ship via a hole in the top "roof" deck or a "window" to the deck or approach the sunken ship from the southeast and head through a hole in the side of the ship; in the center of the deck will be an open hatch/stairwell into the hold of the ship that you will need to enter. The interior can be quite disorienting due to the tight viewpoint combined with the angle and tilt of the wreck.

Once at the bottom, turn left and left again so that you are pointing to the southwest, then go all the way to the end of the corridor, turn left, and then turn right down another set of stairs. Turn right twice so that you are pointing northeast along the ship, and continue to the far end of the room where the chest should be located, tucked away in the the back corner on the right. The chest is surrounded by some purple lighting effects, various objects, and angles upwards from your entry point to the chamber. You do not need to loot the chest in order to get the achievement, but if you wish to do so bring a friend, as the room with the chest has several Risen Pirates that re-spawn quickly.





  • The mobs in the area can aggro through walls, and some can also hit through them due to clipping. If you cannot survive swimming straight through, there is a Rich Mithril Ore node on the middle level of the ship which will break most aggro, allowing you to kill the few that followed you and rest.