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AFK This user is inactive. All info on this page is historical and does not apply to the current state of the wiki.

Big Chicken is still watching you.

I am a sysop here on GW2W. I also have a bot account and a non-sysop sockpuppet account (or two). I have been described as "resembling a bot in volume of content and admin edits."

My wife is User:Jink, and while she doesn't edit directly very much, she helps me out a lot with research.

Current status[edit]

I am taking a sabbatical from the wiki. I haven't played the game in over a year (Dec 2014) due to lack of time, and trying to keep up with a wiki for a game I don't play is starting to feel like a poor use of my time.

Icon archives[edit]

I used to provide zip archives of icon textures ripped from the Gw2.dat file. Now that the official API provides links to icons (hosted on Cloudfront) for just about everything, this is no longer necessary. For purposes of historical curiosity, my archives are still available here (covering the period from Jan 2013 - Oct 2015).

My final archive of 1024x512 loading screens from Oct 2015 is also still available (converted to JPG format per the wiki's formatting consensus).

Bookmarks and reference[edit]

  • GW2W:SMW
  • Ponyscape - Inkscape derivative that adds an objects dialogue. This will make managing my locator map project 20% cooler *ahem* I mean, so much easier.
  • An example of how awesome the MediaWiki API can be (here, listing the dimensions of every image in a category).
  • My first-ever edit to a wiki, and my first-ever content edit. I was searching for this in order to know how many years I've been editing wikis as part of something for work. Figured I'd just leave it here to save time in the future.
    • Damn, that's almost 11 years. :o
    • GuildWiki wasn't on Wikia at the time, of course. That move happened a few years later, and OH BOY do I remember the kerfuffle that went down when it happened. XD
    • Holy cow that wiki went to shit after we all moved to Curse... but that was kind of the point, after all: we moved because we hated the changes Wikia was forcing on us.
      • I still think Wikia's skinny-jeans layout is complete shite.