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Portal Scroll are consumables or gizmos that teleport the character to a specific location. Lounge passes are Gem Store items which teleport the character to a hub location outfitted with most services found in cities, other passes obtained from the gemstore may give quality of life benefits like entering one's home instace from anywhere in the world or access to hard-to-reach locations. Portal scrolls are items that lead to major cities or Living World maps. All Portal Scrolls from a Living World season can be stored in a Tomes for that season. Other individual teleporting devices will teleport players back to story-related locations and special instances.

List of portal scrolls[edit]

Lounge passes[edit]

Permanent pass Destination Acquisition Temporary versions
Armistice Bastion Pass.png Armistice Bastion Pass Armistice Bastion Gem Store Armistice Bastion Pass (2 weeks).png Two weeks
Captain's Airship Pass.png Captain's Airship Pass Havoc's Heir Gem Store Captain's Airship Pass (2 weeks).png Two weeksCaptain's Airship Pass (single use).png Single use [1]
Champion's Rest Pass.png Champion's Rest Pass Champion's Rest Structured PvP tournaments Champion's Rest Pass.png Two weeks
Invitation to "Lily of the Elon".png Invitation to "Lily of the Elon" Lily of the Elon Path of Fire Deluxe or Ultimate Edition
Lava Lounge Pass.png Lava Lounge Pass Lava Lounge Gem Store Lava Lounge Pass (2 weeks).png Two weeks
Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey.png Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey Mistlock Sanctuary Gem Store Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey (2 weeks).png Two weeks
Noble's Folly Pass.png Noble's Folly Pass Noble's Folly Gem Store Nobles Folly Pass.png Two weeks
Royal Terrace Pass.png Royal Terrace Pass Royal Terrace Gem Store Royal Pass.png Two weeks

Other teleportation devices[edit]

Portal scroll Destination Acquisition
City scrolls
Black Citadel Portal Scroll.png Black Citadel Portal Scroll Black Citadel Mystic Forge
Divinity's Reach Portal Scroll.png Divinity's Reach Portal Scroll Divinity's Reach Mystic Forge
Ebonhawke Portal Scroll.png Ebonhawke Portal Scroll Ebonhawke Mystic Forge
Hoelbrak Portal Scroll.png Hoelbrak Portal Scroll Hoelbrak Mystic Forge
Lion's Arch Portal Scroll.png Lion's Arch Portal Scroll Lion's Arch Mystic Forge
Rata Sum Portal Scroll.png Rata Sum Portal Scroll Rata Sum Mystic Forge
Ebonhawke Portal Scroll.png The Grove Portal Scroll The Grove Mystic Forge
Living World Season 3
The Human Gods.png Season 3 Portal Tome Multiple [2] Unbound Magic.png Unbound Magic vendors
Lion's Arch Portal Scroll.png Bloodstone Fen Portal Scroll Bloodstone Fen Unbound Magic.png Unbound Magic vendor (Natto)
Ember Bay Portal Scroll.png Ember Bay Portal Scroll Ember Bay Unbound Magic.png Unbound Magic vendor (Scholar Surra)
Bitterfrost Frontier Portal Scroll.png Bitterfrost Frontier Portal Scroll Bitterfrost Frontier Unbound Magic.png Unbound Magic vendor (Slooshoo)
Lake Doric Portal Scroll.png Lake Doric Portal Scroll Lake Doric Unbound Magic.png Unbound Magic vendor (Quartermaster Hitchens)
Draconis Mons Portal Scroll.png Draconis Mons Portal Scroll Draconis Mons Unbound Magic.png Unbound Magic vendor (Supplymaster Hanjo)
Siren's Landing Portal Scroll.png Siren's Landing Portal Scroll Siren's Landing Unbound Magic.png Unbound Magic vendor (Provisioner Anlana)
Bitterfrost Vantage Point.png Bitterfrost Vantage Point Bitterfrost Frontier (overlook) Black Lion Chest
Exalted Portal Stone.png Exalted Portal Stone Precocious Aurene instance Precocious Aurene (Living World Season 3 story)
Noran's Safe Room Pass.png Noran's Safe Room Pass Lake Doric (basement of Noran's Homestead) Black Lion Chest
Living World Season 4
Season 4 Portal Tome.png Season 4 Portal Tome Multiple [2] Volatile Magic.png Volatile Magic vendors
Istan Portal Scroll.png Istan Portal Scroll Domain of Istan Volatile Magic.png Volatile Magic vendor (Alaleh)
Istan Portal Scroll.png Sandswept Isles Portal Scroll Sandswept Isles Volatile Magic.png Volatile Magic vendor (Ethall)
Domain of Kourna Portal Scroll.png Domain of Kourna Portal Scroll Domain of Kourna Volatile Magic.png Volatile Magic vendor (Nalar)
Domain of Kourna Portal Scroll.png Jahai Bluffs Portal Scroll Jahai Bluffs Volatile Magic.png Volatile Magic vendor (Trader Hyacinth)
Domain of Kourna Portal Scroll.png Sun's Refuge Portal Scroll Sun's Refuge Poster Child achievement
Thunderhead Peaks Teleportation Scroll.png Thunderhead Peaks Teleportation Scroll Thunderhead Peaks Volatile Magic.png Volatile Magic vendor (Kynon)
Dragonfall Portal Scroll.png Dragonfall Portal Scroll Dragonfall Volatile Magic.png Volatile Magic vendor (Olmakhan Quartermaster)
The Icebrood Saga
Icebrood Saga Portal Tome.png Icebrood Saga Portal Tome Multiple [2] Karma.png Karma vendor (Humble Stone)
Grothmar Valley Portal Scroll.png Grothmar Valley Portal Scroll Grothmar Valley Merchant (Rally Provisioner)
Bjora Marches Portal Scroll.png Bjora Marches Portal Scroll Bjora Marches Karma.png Karma vendors (Anette Eymundrdottir , Humble Stone)
Drizzlewood Coast Portal Scroll.png Drizzlewood Coast Portal Scroll Drizzlewood Coast Karma.png Karma vendors (Annona Vinedrummer, United Legions Quaestor, Veteran United Legions Quaestor)
Water Toxin Analyzer.png Hall of Monuments Portal Stone Hall of Monuments Character creation if account is linked to Guild Wars
Vendors (for free)
Home Portal Stone.png Home Portal Stone Home instance Gem Store
Recharging Teleport to Friend.png Recharging Teleport to Friend Selected party member Gem Store
Spearmarshal's Plea.png Spearmarshal's Plea Domain of Vabbi (Sunspear Sanctuary)
Sun's Refuge [3]
Remains of the Last Spearmarshal
Teleport to Friend.png Teleport to Friend [1] Selected party member Black Lion Chest, Birthday Gift
Beginner Map Portal Note.png Beginner Map Portal Note[4] Caledon Forest
Metrica Province
Wayfarer Foothills
Plains of Ashford
Adventurer's Box
  1. ^ a b This item is consumed on use.
  2. ^ a b c Living World portal tomes allow you to store all associated portal scrolls from the corresponding Living World season in a single item. When used, a dialog opens where you can select any location that was stored in the tome to teleport to.
  3. ^ This location must be unlocked before it's available.
  4. ^ This item has 5 charges.