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Sarettokk is a merchant found in The Undermarket.



Items offered[edit]

Lost and Found Shinies[edit]

Item Type Rarity Cost
Water Toxin Analyzer.png Hall of Monuments Portal Stone Gizmo Fine Copper coin
Phasic Distortion Reader.png Phasic Distortion Reader Gizmo Exotic Gold coin
Ley-Infused Lodestone.png Ley-Infused Lodestone Gizmo Exotic Gold coin
Musical Minstrel.png Musical Minstrel Gizmo, Novelty Rare Copper coin
Musical Verdarach.png Musical Verdarach Gizmo, Novelty Rare Copper coin
Fancy Chair.png Chair Gizmo, Novelty Fine Copper coin
Invitation to Lunar New Year.png Invitation to Lunar New Year Gizmo Exotic Essence of Luck (exotic).png
Invitation to the Super Adventure Festival.png Invitation to the Super Adventure Festival Gizmo Exotic Bauble Bubble.png
Invitation to Dragon Bash.png Invitation to Dragon Bash Gizmo Exotic Jorbreaker.png
Invitation to the Festival of the Four Winds.png Invitation to the Festival of the Four Winds Gizmo Exotic Favor of the Festival.png
Invitation to the Mad Realm.png Invitation to the Mad Realm Gizmo Exotic Candy Corn Cob.png
Invitation to Wintersday.png Invitation to Wintersday Gizmo Exotic Snow Diamond.png
Invitation to the Party.png Invitation to the Party Gizmo Ascended Mystic Coin.png
  • Phasic Distortion Reader and Ley-Infused Lodestone can only be purchased if the account previously owned them.
  • Musical Minstrel and Musical Verdarach are only offered to players who have unlocked the legendary skin.
  • Chair is only offered to players who have completed Chairs of the World.


Item Type Cost
Stein of Ale.png Stein of Highlander Beer Alcohol 16 Copper coin