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Chuka and Champawat IV: Secluded Tour

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Chuka and Champawat IV: Secluded Tour is a collection achievement that contributes to Chuka and Champawat IV: A Nontraditional Family.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Chuka and Champawat IV: Secluded Tour Legendary Weapons 0Achievement points
There must be somewhere in Tyria where tigers can live in peace.
Unlock Item:Tiger Den Map.png List of Secluded Locations
Reward:Tiger Den Map.png Tiger Den Map
Collected 1 item 0Achievement points
Collected 5 items 0Achievement points
Collected 10 items 0Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint
Tiger Den Map.png List of Secluded Locations Talk to Cymbel in Fields of Ruin.
Griffonrook Feasibility Report.png Griffonrook Feasibility Report Complete the Griffonrook Run jumping puzzle in Lornar's Pass.
Rebel's Seclusion Feasibility Report.png Rebel's Seclusion Feasibility Report Loot the Splendid Chest in Rebel's Seclusion in Fireheart Rise.
Collapsed Observatory Feasibility Report.png Collapsed Observatory Feasibility Report Complete the Collapsed Observatory jumping puzzle in Kessex Hills.
Craze's Folly Feasibility Report.png Craze's Folly Feasibility Report Complete the Craze's Folly jumping puzzle in Blazeridge Steppes.
Demongrub Pits Feasibility Report.png Demongrub Pits Feasibility Report Complete the Demongrub Pits jumping puzzle in Queensdale.
Fawcett's Bounty Feasibility Report.png Fawcett's Bounty Feasibility Report Complete the Fawcett's Bounty jumping puzzle in Harathi Hinterlands.
Lightfoot Passage Feasibility Report.png Lightfoot Passage Feasibility Report Reach the vista in Lightfoot Passage in the Straits of Devastation.
Hidden Garden Feasibility Report.png Hidden Garden Feasibility Report Find the den location in the Hidden Garden jumping puzzle.
Comprehensive Feasibility Report.png Comprehensive Feasibility Report Talk to Cymbel in Fields of Ruin after scouting all of the locations.

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