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Sunspear Sanctuary

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Sunspear Sanctuary

Sunspear Sanctuary map.jpg
Map of Sunspear Sanctuary


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The Sunspear Sanctuary, also known as the Griffon Sanctuary, is the final resting place of the Last Spearmarshal, a home for her griffons, and a safe haven for the Order of the Sunspears in the Domain of Vabbi. After completing the Path of Fire story, the player is charged with aiding the Last Spearmarshal in restoring the sanctuary to glory, and will be rewarded with a griffon mount for their trouble.

Getting there[edit]

  • From Spearmarshal's Lament, use your springer to climb onto the ledge to the east, and then use your jackal to enter the sand portal above and east of the mastery point. Then use a springer to clamber up the cliffs to the sanctuary.
  • Alternatively, use Spearmarshal's Plea to teleport directly there.





A griffon nest and rune slot after collection is complete.

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