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Sunspear Sanctuary

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Sunspear Sanctuary

Yahnur Plateau

Sunspear Sanctuary.jpg
Sunspear Sanctuary

The Sunspear Sanctuary is the final resting place of the Last Spearmarshal, a home for her griffons, and a safe haven for the Order of the Sunspears in the Domain of Vabbi. After completing the Path of Fire story, the player is charged with aiding the Last Spearmarshal in restoring the sanctuary to glory, and will be rewarded with a griffon mount for their trouble.

Getting there[edit]





Related achievements[edit]

Open Skies: Sunspear Sanctuary Crystal Desert.png Crystal Desert AP.png
Gather Sunspear relics from all 5 maps and restore them to the Sunspear sanctuary.
Reward:Divine Passage.png Divine Passage
Gathered 1 Sunspear Relics AP.png
Gathered 5 Sunspear Relics AP.png
Gathered 7 Sunspear Relics AP.png
Open Skies: On Wings and a Prayer Crystal Desert.png Crystal Desert Path of Fire mastery pointAP.png
Return the Writings of the Last Spearmarshal to the pedestal in the sanctuary.Come, hero, and reclaim the skies for the Sunspears. For us, reclaim Elona. AP.png
Gathered 10 Volumes of the Writings of the Last Spearmarshal AP.png