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Disambig icon.png This article is about the transport mechanic. For other uses, see Shrine.

Shrines are a method of transportation that allow players to instantly travel to them by using the map, similarly to waypoints. Unlike waypoints, they can only be used from within the same zone and they don't cost a fee to use. The shrines in Dragonfall can be used while in combat or even when downed; downed players teleporting to the shrine will be instantly revived.

Shrines must generally be unlocked before they can be used, such as by progress in a meta event or by purchasing them from a vendor.

Map icons[edit]

Shrine.png Available/unlocked
Shrine locked.png Locked


Crystal Desert
Ruins of Orr


  • The statues in Siren's Landing appear to have an interactable spot somewhere between the left hand and right in front of the abdomen of the statue.
    • It is possible to see the interaction prompt by standing on the pinky finger of the left hand in the shrines at Balthazar's, Grenth's and Melandru's reliquaries. The statue at Lyssa's reliquary is scaled up, making the spot farther away, and only reachable with a mount.
    • The spot appears to do nothing at all, or to be too far to actually interact with it by standing on the hand, just enough to get the interact prompt.