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Guild panel Menu Bar icon.png The guild panel (default G) is the user interface (UI) for your interaction with the guilds associated with your account. You may change representation using the checkbox next to a guild's name. The default (main) panel contains information including the guild names, tags and a checkbox indicating which guild is currently represented. You may view characteristics of other guilds you've joined without changing representation by selecting one. This displays the guild's attributes, resources, Message of the Day, and membership. Use the navigation bar on the left to select any of the other 6 panels.


  • Guild panel main icon.png Main: shows a list of your account's guild affiliations. Upon selecting a guild, it will show the guild name, tag, and server, number of members online/total number of members, latest guild history item, current Message of the Day, and a list of guild members (showing status, rank, character/account name, location). Also at the bottom of this section are resource totals for influence, resonance, aetherium and favor. You may display this information without representing the guild. Changing representation is done by checking the box next to a guild's name.
  • Guild panel roster icon.png Roster: displays a list of current members, shows information on each member and invite new members to the guild. Each column in the list shows the following information about guild members: status, rank, character/account name, location, profession, level, crafting disciplines, achievement points.
  • Guild panel missions icon.png Guild missions: available and active are displayed: Easy, Medium, Hard, WvW and PvP.
  • Guild panel teams icon.png Teams: PvP teams that have been established, their members and stats.
  • Guild panel storage icon.png Storage: Divided into Consumables, War Chest (WvW), Decorations (guild hall) and Arena (PvP). Decorations is further divided into Architecture, Furniture, Lighting, Other, Plants, Statuary, Trophies and Festivals.
  • PvP panel game browser icon.png History: shows a history of influence earned, message of the day, roster, and upgrades.
  • Guild panel ranks icon.png Ranks: used to view or edit permission access for members. Those with permission may also add or delete guild ranks.



  • Guild members may enter and leave a guild hall through this panel.
  • The maximum length for the Message of the Day is 999 characters. Once set, the Message of the Day can be edited but not removed.

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