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Thermal Tube

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Thermal Tube.png

Thermal Tube

Other images

Ember Bay map.jpg

Location of Thermal Tubes in Ember Bay, marked by the Thermal Tube map icon.png icon.

Bitterfrost Frontier map.jpg

Location of Thermal Tubes in Bitterfrost Frontier, marked by the Thermal Tube (Bitterfrost Frontier).png icon.

Thermal Tubes are objects found in Ember Bay, Bitterfrost Frontier, Draconis Mons, and Dragonfall that serve as a mode of transportation. After training the Thermal Propulsion mastery, players can use these tubes to propel themselves to large distances across the map.


Crystal Desert
Shiverpeak Mountains

NOTE: The thermal tube by Blister Cauldron may be obstructed sometimes. Unknown whether it is a bug or related to weather conditions.

Ring of Fire