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Prototype Position Rewinder

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Prototype Position Rewinder

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Account Bound
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Equip a position rewinder, which can be used to rewind your position to a previously marked location.

— In-game description

Prototype Position Rewinder is a gizmo item that can mark the character's position within the open world zone for 30 seconds, and teleport them back to it. It is purchased from the Renown Heart merchant Hafren in the Sandswept Isles, a Living World Season 4 zone.


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Hafren Hafren Eastern Complex Sandswept Isles 75 Difluorite Crystal + 175,000 Karma


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Mark Location.png Mark Location 1 Store a location in your position rewinder.
1 Redirect Arrow.pngMark Location.png Mark Location 1 Update the location stored by the position rewinder.
2 Rewind.png Rewind 30 Return to the location stored in your position rewinder.


As it is a gizmo, Prototype Position Rewinder can be reused infinitely. Double-clicking the item equips a bundle that grants the skills  Mark Location.png Mark Location and  Rewind.png Rewind. The skill can be used again at any time to rewrite the stored location to a new one. Rewind is available for 30 seconds after using Mark Location and teleports the character to the marked location. The remaining time is indicated by the Position Rewinder (effect).png Position Rewinder effect.

While Position Rewinder effect is active, the bundle can be unequipped without losing the marked location and the Rewind skill.

Usable notes
  • There does not seem to be a distance limit for Rewind. Teleporting over 5000 range will display a loading screen.
  • Can be equipped and used while in combat.
  • Can be used while also using Diving Goggles.
  • Rewind (but not Mark Location) can be used mid-air, while falling, or gliding.
  • Cannot be used in instanced content like Dungeons, Fractals, Raids, guild mission instances, as well as WvW and Structured PvP.
  • Mark Location is only usable when on the surface or underwater.
  • If the character has teleported (instantly moved) by other means, the marked location disappears, preventing the use of Rewind. Examples of teleports resetting the location include: using waypoints, shadowstep skills, Thermal Tubes, Portals, and  Continuum Shift.png Continuum Shift skill.
  • Changing the build template erases the stored location.
  • The effect is not removed if the gizmo is forced unequipped by certain mechanics (ie equipping another bundle), players can still rewind by reequipping it from their inventory before the timer rounds out.
Just like any other portal skill such as Portal Exeunt, Prototype Position Rewinder cannot be used to return to the night bosses' platforms in the canopy of Verdant Brink, e.g. to Matriarch's Perch or Precarious Perch. With portal skills, the following message appears "Due to magical interference, a portal cannot be sustained in this area", but this message does not show for the Prototype Position Rewinder.
Changing any of a character's Major Traits will trigger the Rewind skill's effect. This will not trigger the cooldown of the skill and works even if it is on cooldown.


  • The equipped bundle uses the skin of The Anomaly.
  • A similar item, named "Enchanted Hourglass", was accidentally whitelisted to appear in the items API 18 months prior to the release of Sandswept Isles. That item would have reset a character's position 10 seconds after use.

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