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Tiger Den Map

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Tiger Den Map.png

Tiger Den Map

Item type
Chuka and Champawat IV: A Nontraditional Family
Account Bound
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A map to your hidden tiger den.
Double-click to read.

— In-game description


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Chuka and Champawat IV: Secluded Tour Legendary Weapons 0Achievement points
There must be somewhere in Tyria where tigers can live in peace.
Unlock Item:Tiger Den Map.png List of Secluded Locations
Reward:Tiger Den Map.png Tiger Den Map
Collected 1 item 0Achievement points
Collected 5 items 0Achievement points
Collected 10 items 0Achievement points

Sold by[edit]

  • Additional copies of this item are available for purchase once the achievement has been completed.
Vendor Area Zone Cost
Jale Jale Bay of Elon Crystal Oasis Laurel.png + Copper coin
Jocasta Jocasta Hall of Memories Heart of the Mists Laurel.png + Copper coin
Laurel Merchant Laurel Merchant Commodore's Quarter
Fort Marriner
The Upper City
Creator's Commons
Garden of Dusk
Memorial Quadrant
The Great Lodge
Havoc's Heir
Mistlock Observatory
Hall of Memories
Lion's Arch
Lion's Arch
Divinity's Reach
Rata Sum
The Grove
Black Citadel
Gendarran Fields
Fractals of the Mists
Heart of the Mists
Laurel.png + Copper coin
Merit Professor Rizzak Merit Professor Rizzak - Mistlock Sanctuary Laurel.png + Copper coin
Nicola (laurel merchant) Nicola Champion's Rest Heart of the Mists Laurel.png + Copper coin
Varka Varka Lava Lounge Ember Bay Laurel.png + Copper coin


What should I do?
Tick green.png
Travel to the den.
Tick green.png
Take Nola with you.
Tick green.png
Take Halkor with you.
Tick green.png
Take Brill with you.
(if you have one of the tiger cub out)
Tick green.png
Put the tiger cub back.
Talk end option tango.png