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Nuhoch Wallow

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Nuhoch Wallow

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Heart of Maguuma
Disambig icon.png This article is about the Heart of Thorns object. For the Canthan race, see Wallow.

Nuhoch Wallows allow fast travel and require the Nuhoch Wallows mastery before you can use them. They are marked on the map as Nuhoch Wallow (map icon).png with an arrow pointing to the destination wallow. The interact text will be displayed as "Travel to <Destination Name> [F]", for example "Travel to Beetle Fields [F]" and "Travel to Alchemist's Ledge [F]". Upon entering and briefly after exiting a Nuhoch Wallow,  Stealth.png Stealth is applied to the player for 5 seconds.


Heart of Maguuma

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  • Some wallows, such as the one at Chak Hollow, have neither overhead text nor a description when selected.
  • Wallow are two-way tunnels.

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