Invitation to Dragon Bash

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Invitation to Dragon Bash.png

Invitation to Dragon Bash

Item type
Festival Collections.png Festival Frequenter
Req. level
Account Bound
Game link

Double-click during Dragon Bash to travel to Hoelbrak. If you are already in Hoelbrak, you will be returned to your homeland.

— In-game description

Using the Invitation to Dragon Bash while anywhere outside of Hoelbrak in the game world during Dragon Bash will transport the character instantly to the Eastern Watchpost in Hoelbrak. If used while already in Hoelbrak, the character will instead be transported to their homeland (e.g. Metrica Province for Asura).


  • Mail from Knut Whitebear upon logging in during Dragon Bash.
    • Accounts must wait until their highest level character reaches level 15 before they can receive this item.

Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Sarettokk Sarettokk Hooligan's Route Lion's Arch Jorbreaker



Knut Whitebear

It's time for Dragon Bash!

It wouldn't be a proper celebration without your attendance. Join me in Hoelbrak for another moot for the ages! There will be tests of strength, racing, food, song, and most importantly—ale.

I'll see you there. Unless, of course, you don't enjoy fun.

—Knut "Wrangler of Issormir" Whitebear

Invitation to Dragon Bash.pngInvitation to Dragon Bash


  • When used outside the Dragon Bash festival, the message "Dragon Bash has not yet begun." is shown.
  • The 6 individual invitations can be safely discarded, once Invitation to the Party is acquired.