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Guild upgrades are purchasable changes to guild functionality. Starting upgrades requires a guild leader with both the necessary permissions and the Heart of Thorns expansion. However, any guild member may contribute by donating required resources to the treasury. Upgrades may affect:

  • The building, environment and buffs available within the guild hall.
  • The availability of special merchants in the guild hall.
  • Buffs available to players in PvE, PvP and WvW.
  • The availability and variety of guild missions and world boss events.

Acquiring guild upgrades[edit]

To acquire a guild upgrade, a guild member with sufficient permissions must talk to the appropriate NPC. Initially, this will be the Guild Initiative Notary.png Guild Initiative Notary; however, as the guild makes progress, other ones may be unlocked. For example, the Tavern Proprietor.png Tavern Proprietor becomes available upon acquiring a guild hall. Each NPC offers its own selection of upgrades.

Upgrades may require Favor favor, Aetherium aetherium, Gold coin gold, and a large number of resources to purchase. Favor is acquired for the guild by achieving weekly guild missions, and aetherium is steadily mined within the guild hall after purchasing the Guild Mine. The resources need not be given by a single individual, however. Any guild member may donate necessary items to the treasury at the Guild Treasurer. The upgrade may be purchased if the guild has the necessary favor and aetherium, the purchasing member has any necessary gold, and the guild treasury contains all necessary items.

Not all upgrades are immediately available for purchase. Most require the guild to have a certain guild level and have a different upgrade as a prerequisite.

Upgrading your Guild[edit]

When upgrading your Guild and your Guild Hall, the first steps you take must be in a specific order, but the sequence of upgrades becomes more flexible as you progress. Below is a guide to getting started with your Guild.

Initial steps[edit]

The upgrades listed here are in a recommended order.

  1. If your guild existed before the release of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, speak to a guild registrar to gain a number of free upgrades based on your guild's pre-HoT progress.
  2. Claim a guild hall.
  3. Build a Tavern which enables you to build all other upgrades.
  4. Build a Mine to create a supply of Aetherium for your other buildings.
  5. Increase the Aetherium cap to acquire enough to build a workshop.
  6. Build a Workshop to unlock the scribe and allow your guild members to craft guild-specific items.

The cost of these first upgrades is shown in the table below.

Upgrade Required Resources
Tavern 1 100  Favor.png Favor 250  Elder Wood Plank.png Elder Wood Plank 250  Mithril Ingot.png Mithril Ingot 50  Bottle of Elonian Wine.png Bottle of Elonian Wine 10  Empty Keg.png Empty Keg 50  Glass Mug.png Glass Mug 20  Obsidian Shard.png Obsidian Shard 25  Bolt of Silk.png Bolt of Silk 100  Cured Thick Leather Square.png Cured Thick Leather Square 10  Bolt of Gossamer.png Bolt of Gossamer 10  Cured Hardened Leather Square.png Cured Hardened Leather Square
Mine 1 150  Favor.png Favor 200  Elder Wood Plank.png Elder Wood Plank 200  Mithril Ingot.png Mithril Ingot 50  Silverwastes Shovel.png Silverwastes Shovel 4  18 Slot Thick Leather Pack.png 18 Slot Thick Leather Pack
Aetherium-1 50  Favor.png Favor 500  Aetherium.png Aetherium 150  Elder Wood Plank.png Elder Wood Plank 150  Mithril Ingot.png Mithril Ingot 20  Bloodstone Brick.png Bloodstone Brick 20  Minor Rune of Holding.png Minor Rune of Holding
Workshop 1 150  Favor.png Favor 1,500  Aetherium.png Aetherium 200  Watchwork Sprocket.png Watchwork Sprocket 200  Mithril Ingot.png Mithril Ingot 50 Tar Removal Tool.png Vial of Linseed Oil 20  Bottle of Airship Oil.png Bottle of Airship Oil 200  Thermocatalytic Reagent.png Thermocatalytic Reagent 50  Orichalcum Ingot.png Orichalcum Ingot 5  Elonian Leather Square.png Elonian Leather Square 50  Quartz Crystal.png Quartz Crystal

Next steps[edit]

From here, the upgrade order is relatively interchangeable.

Further upgrades[edit]

Further upgrades will give additional buffs to the guild or improve buildings. There is a restoration tree for each building. The order is dependent on the priorities of your guild. They all cost favor to build, which has a cap of 2000 per week. Some require Aetherium, which is time gated. Therefore, guilds need to carefully plan, manage and decide on which upgrades to build first. For a complete list of upgrades, look at each of the six main buildings.

Notary Upgrades[edit]

Some upgrades may be acquired whether your guild has a guild hall or not. These may be purchased at the Guild Initiative Notary.png Guild Initiative Notary. For example, this allows for the placement of a generic merchant and a repair anvil in the Guild Hall and the Guild Initiative Headquarters. Most importantly, this include the option to unlock the Guild Vault, providing 50 storage slots shared by all members of the guild with sufficient privileges. When your guild levels up, additional upgrades will become available at the Tavern Proprietor, extending this space up to 250 slots. The Guild Vault is accessed by speaking to a Guild Banker, located near Banks in major cities. It can also be accessed in World versus World by speaking with the NPC Guild Master.

The Notary also sells a few upgrades that do require a high-level guild: the Guild Portal at level 10, allowing for easier travel with a large group; and Further Exploration at guild level 40, unlocking new areas in your Guild Hall.

Crafting the required materials[edit]

Many of the required resources may be crafted. The two most difficult and expensive items to obtain are Empty Kegs and Glass Mugs.

Empty Kegs are crafted by Chef (400). The recipe is automatically known. The critical component, Vial of Linseed Oil requires Pile of Flax Seeds, which can be found in the Heart of Maguuma. Milling Basins can be bought from the cooking vendors.

Glass Mugs are crafted by Jeweler (400). The recipe is automatically known. The critical component, Pile of Coarse Sand is dropped from Pile of Silky Sand, which is acquired in The Silverwastes and Dry Top.

A Guide for Very Small Guilds[edit]

All guild upgrades are designed to be acquirable by guilds that comprise at least one full party: that is, 5 people. Do note that the cost of guild upgrades doesn't scale with guild size, making upgrading more expensive per individual if you are a small guild. If your guild is smaller than 5 people, you may find it difficult or even impossible to claim a Guild Hall. For such guilds, the Guild Initiative Headquarters in Lion's Arch may function as a gathering place for members of your guild. Like the Guild Hall, the area is an instance specific to your guild.

The Guild Initiative Notary.png Guild Initiative Notary offers a few upgrades that may be acquired by guilds without a guild hall, since they have no guild level requirement. These are Guild Vault: Stash, giving your guild access to a 50-slot Guild Vault, General Merchant putting a generic merchant in the Guild Initiative Headquarters, and Repair Anvil, which puts a repair anvil in the Headquarters. Note that these upgrades do require some favor to purchase. Guilds of 3 people should not have trouble with this, as a number of easy guild missions are doable with only 3 people. Even smaller guilds, such as "personal guilds" with only one member, might find this too difficult too, although some guild missions may be done by a single skilled individual (for example, the easy WvW mission at the Borderlands Oasis, and the easy Guild Trek.)

If your small guild existed prior to the release of Heart of Thorns, many upgrades that your guild used to have will be "grandfathered into" Heart of Thorns, even if the upgrade usually requires a guild hall now. Such upgrades include any extensions to your Guild Vault, and the first tier of Guild Armorer and Guild Weaponsmith.

Guild level[edit]

This table shows the relationship between Guild Level (#), Guild Experience (GXP) and Guild Upgrades. Enhancements in Bold. Scribing in Italics. You may click the individual upgrades to view their cost in resources, favor and aetherium.

Guild level is a prerequisite for guild upgrades. The structural upgrades: Mine Excavation (1,2,3); Arena, Market, Tavern, Workshop, War Room Restoration (1,2); Notary upgrades: Hall, Portal and Further Exploration offer 100 GXP. Each completed minor upgrade generates 35 GXP. Initial Notary upgrades: Merchant, Anvil, and Stash offer 10 GXP. This Guild Experience in turn contributes to raising the guild level.

# GXP Guild Initiative Notary.png Notary Arena Proprietor.png Arena (PvP) Market Proprietor.png Market Mine Proprietor.png Mine Tavern Proprietor.png Tavern Workshop Proprietor.png Workshop War Room Proprietor.png War Room (WvW)
0 0 Hall Merchant Anvil Stash - - - - - -
1 100 - - - - Restoration 1
XP Karma
- -
2 200 - - - Excavation 1
Capacity 1
- - -
3 300 - - - - Gathering Banner Restoration 1
Ore 1
4 400 - Restoration 1
PvP Mission
Restoration 1
PvE Mission
- - - Restoration 1
WvW Mission
5 500 - - - Rate 1 Karma Banner Critical Harvesting Supply Drop Sabotage Depot
Claim Camps
6 600 - - Decorations 1 - - - Aura 1 Supply+5
7 700 - PvP Reward - - XP Banner Lumber 1
Cloth 1
Leather 1
Chilling Fog WvW Reward
8 800 - - Trader 1 Capacity 2 Music SAB Music - Armored Dolyaks
9 900 - - - - Swiftness +11% Critical Crafting Aura 2 WXP+10%
10 1000 Guild Portal Restoration 2 Armorer 1 - - - Arrow Cart Claim Towers
11 1100 - - - - MF Banner Synthesis 1 Invincible Dolyak
12 1200 - Walls Weaponsmith 1 Rate 2 - - Hardened Gates
13 1300 - - - - Waypoint -5% Map Bonus Guild Ballista
14 1400 - Weakness Turrets Magic Find - - - WXP
15 1500 - - - Capacity 3 Excavation 2 Road Banner Ore 2 Speedy Dolyaks
16 1600 - Strike Turrets Trader 2 - - - Iron Guards
17 1700 - - - - Gold +5% Lumber 2
Cloth 2
Leather 2
Aura 3 Speed+25%
18 1800 - Green Team Color Torches Miniature 1 Rate 3 - - Turtle Banner
19 1900 - - - - Restoration 2 Plant 1 Guild Catapult
20 2000 - Vortex Traps Trove - - - Assault Roller Restoration 2
21 2100 - - - Capacity 4 Swiftness +22% Synthesis 2 Aura 4 Power+100
22 2200 - Fear Turrets Decorations 2 Restoration 2 - - - Hardened Siege Claim Keeps
23 2300 - Ring-Out Barrier Monument Decorations - Guild Banquet Ore 3 Restoration 2 Centaur Banner
24 2400 - Knockback Turrets Trader 3 - - - Packed Dolyaks
25 2500 - - - Rate 4 Karma&XP Banner Lumber 3
Cloth 3
Leather 3
Aura 5 Precision+100
26 2600 - Fan Traps Miniature 2 - - - Guild Flame Ram
27 2700 - - - - Waypoint -10% Ore 4 Dragon Banner
28 2800 - Free-for-All Purple Armorer 2 Capacity 5 - - Invulnerable Fortifications
29 2900 - Chill Turrets - - Gold&MF Banner Plant 2 Aura 6 Toughness+100
30 3000 - Poison Turrets Trader 4 - - - Guild Trebuchet
31 3100 - - - Excavation 3 Rate 5 Gathering & Swiftness Banner Lumber 4
Cloth 4
Leather 4
Emergency Waypoint Claim Castle
32 3200 - Flame Turrets Deep Cave Vault Transport - - - Turret Gates
33 3300 - - - - World Events Synthesis 3 Aura 7 Vitality+100
34 3400 - Cripple Turrets Decorations 3 Capacity 6 - - Guild Siege Golem
35 3500 - - - - Swiftness +33% Ore 5 Watchtower
36 3600 - - Miniature 3 - - - Presence of the Keep
37 3700 - Heal Turrets - Rate 6 Heroes Banner Lumber 5
Cloth 5
Leather 5
Aura 8 MF+20%
38 3800 - - Trader 5 - - - Guild Shield Generator
39 3900 - White Invulnerable - - - Plant 3 Cloaking Waters
40 4000 Further Exploration Kill Floors Weaponsmith 2 - Waypoint -15% Ore 6 Synthesis 4 Airship Defense

After 40[edit]

After a guild has reached level 40 it may:

  • Explore game content in more detail, like WvW, PvP and decorations.
  • Complete remaining upgrades that were "skipped over" because they had lower priority.
  • Devote more resources to scribing.
  • Unlock new areas of the guild that were previously inaccessible.
Excess Aetherium and Favor

After a guild has completed all upgrades in all buildings there is no known use for aetherium. Favor can be used to purchase consumables from the Guild Requisitioner located within the Guild Initiative Headquarters. However, guild missions may be completed so that members receive guild commendations.


Guild upgrades that enhance abilities of the Guild, guild members or the guild hall.


Primary article: Guild Enhancements

Adds a number of selectable personal enhancements at the tavern, however only one can be activated at a time. Their duration is unlimited. Unlocking additional enhancements raises the percentage gain that each enhancement offers. To acquire the enhancement, the guild member needs to own Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

Guild vault[edit]

Build 250-slot vault. Pre-HoT guild vaults have been "grandfathered".

Guild hall[edit]

Mission unlocks[edit]

There are 3 Guild Mission slots. Each has a randomly selected difficulty level (easy, medium or hard) that changes weekly. All may be unlocked at guild level 4.


World versus world[edit]

There are three types of world versus world upgrades available in the War Room

  • Guild claiming upgrades allow guild to claim objectives.
  • WvW enhancements give a significant upgrade to objectives that have been claimed by a guild. Many need to be built from WvW schematics by a scribe.
  • Guild siege equipment cost less supply than standard siege. Blueprints must be crafted by scribe.

Scribing unlocks[edit]

Unlocking recipes for guild members who are scribes to use.



World versus world[edit]

Primary article: Scribe#WvW Schematics

There are three types of upgrades crafted in the dedicated WvW queue:

  1. Guild siege equipment, which may be deployed by a guild member with sufficient permission.
  2. Improvements (passive), which when slotted into claimed objectives take effect after their tier is unlocked.
  3. Tactics (active), which when slotted into claimed structures take effect when activated by a player with sufficient permission after their tier is unlocked.