Eastern Ward

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Eastern Ward

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Eastern Ward map.jpg
Map of Eastern Ward

Lion's Arch

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Eastern Ward

The Eastern Ward is a section of Lion's Arch. It contains Coriolis Plaza, the newly built asura gate hub to the five racial capitals, as well as The Vaults, the new Black Lion Trading Company Headquarters. The ward is accessed by going east from the Grand Piazza or across the bridge over the Inner Harbor from the Postern Ward.


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Gate Hub Plaza Waypoint —
Points of Interest
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Coriolis Plaza
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The Vaults
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Lion's Shadow Bed and Breakfast
Asura Gates
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Hoelbrak Asura Gate
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Black Citadel Asura Gate
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The Grove Asura Gate
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Rata Sum Asura Gate
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Divinity's Reach Asura Gate
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Southsun Cove Asura Gate






Makeover Preview (map icon).png
Aesthetician Kristina (Makeover Preview) (in the Vaults)
Weaponsmith (map icon).png
Black Lion Weapons Specialist (in the Vaults)
Merchant (map icon).png
Boost Enchantment Researcher (in the Vaults)


Ambient dialogue[edit]

For previous dialogue, see here.

Edda: I'm taking a chance hiring you. If you weren't so cheap...
Melydiod: I understand.
Edda: My contact in Rata Sum says the parts will arrive next week.
Melydiod: Okay.
Edda: We have to get the storage space ready for it.
Melydiod: Got it.
Edda: And don't forget to fill out the inventory sheet properly this time.
Melydiod: Yes ma'am.
Edda: We should get going. Come along.
Messenger: Hey. Word is that the shipment's on schedule. You ready?
Door Guard Eian: We will be. Put extra spotters out an hour before. Tell them to stay in the shadows.
Messenger: You got it.
Door Guard Eian: Any sign of the missing dolyak?
Messenger: Not yet. We've got teams out looking for it.
Door Guard Eian: If you find the ones who stole it, I don't want to see them.
Messenger: Aye, sir.
Door Guard Eian: I don't want anyone to see them...ever again.
Messenger: Understood.
Messenger: They found the dolyak. It was the skritt.
Door Guard Eian: You gotta be kidding me. The skritt are getting out of control.
Messenger: Don't worry. We handled it.
Door Guard Eian: Let's hope that sends a message.
Messenger: We made sure of it.
Door Guard Eian: Put some shadows on the skritt. I want to know everything they're up to.
Messenger: You want hourly or daily reports?
Door Guard Eian: Daily for now. I want to know what they're smuggling and to whom.
Messenger: I'll put my best folks on it.
Scratch: Is it dead?
Snikk: I don't know. Come poke it.
Scratch: No, you poke it.
Snikk: Okay.
Scratch: Do it.
Rat spawns.
Scratch: Is alive!
Rat chases Snikk.
Snikk: Let's skedaddle!
Scratch: Huuuungry!
Snikk: I know. Let's go get an apple.
Scratch: Eep!
Lookout: Hey! You kids! Get away from there!
Snikk: Gah! Run!
Lionguard Ambrose: Aela, I need to talk to you.
Door Guard Eian: She's doing business. You talk to me. You don't talk to her.
Lionguard Ambrose: I need more money.
Door Guard Eian: Keep your voice down.
Lionguard Ambrose: They're doing sweeps. Ashblade is causing a stir.
Lionguard Ambrose: I don't know how much longer I can—
Door Guard Eian: The day you snitch is the day you die.
Lionguard Ambrose: I understand, but... just think about it. I'm taking a big risk here.
Door Guard Eian: No deal.
Lionguard Ambrose: But...
Door Guard Eian: I said no. Now move along.
Door Guard Eian: Get out of here, Ambrose. You're scaring customers away.
Lionguard Ambrose: Right, yeah. Sorry. I'm going.
Barkeeper Tin-Eye: All right, that's it for tonight! Everyone out!

In Coriolis Plaza

Traveler (Male Norn 1): *Exiting portal* (hum)
Traveler (Male Norn 2): *Exiting portal* It's hot here.
Traveler (Male Norn 2): *Entering portal* Next stop...
Traveler (Male Norn 2): *Entering portal* I hate how it tingles.
Traveler (Male Norn 3): *Exiting portal* Not how I remember it.
Traveler (Male Norn 3): *Exiting portal* It's just me.
Traveler (Male Norn 3): *Entering portal* Gotta get out of here.
Traveler (Male Norn 3): *Entering portal* This city is...
Traveler (Male Human): *Entering portal* Moving on.
Traveler (Male Quaggan): *Exiting portal* Hoo!
Traveler (Male Quaggan): *Exiting portal* Nobody touch quaggan.
Traveler (Male Quaggan): *Entering portal* Not enough water.
Traveler (Male Quaggan): *Entering portal* Made it.
Traveler (Female Sylvari): *Exiting portal* Greetings.
Traveler (Female Sylvari): *Exiting portal* Where to now?
Traveler (Female Sylvari): *Entering portal* Bye-bye.
Traveler (Female Sylvari): *Entering portal* Is this the gate to...
Traveler (Female Charr 1): *Exiting portal* So this is Lion's Arch.
Traveler (Female Charr 1): *Entering portal* Until next time.
Traveler (Female Charr 1): *Entering portal* I better have the right gate this time.
Traveler (Female Charr 2): *Exiting portal* Hello
Traveler (Female Charr 2): *Entering portal* Hmmm.
Traveler (Female Charr 3): *Entering portal* See you next trip.
Traveler (Male Skritt): *Exiting portal* Not my cup of fleas.
Traveler (Male Skritt): *Entering portal* Don't talk to me!
Veteran Traveler (Female Asura): *Exiting portal* The mechamagical... Just thinking aloud.
Veteran Traveler (Female Asura): *Exiting portal* Three forty two and nine...
Veteran Traveler (Female Asura): *Exiting portal* I'll show him when I get there.