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Map of Hub



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Underground Level
Cloud Level

The Hub is the open world lobby of Super Adventure Box. There are four houses surrounding the central fountain, each one representing a world, and labeled with its corresponding number. Upon entering one of these houses, players are able to select a mode (Exploration, Normal, or Tribulation) and then a zone, as long as one of their party members has completed the previous zones at the difficulty level they are viewing.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Super Adventure Waypoint —
Adventure (map icon).png Super Adventure Hub




Super Adventure Box merchant (map icon).png Sparking Stone
Super Adventure Box merchant (map icon).png Super Adventure Box Trader
Super Adventure Box merchant (map icon).png Super Adventure Box Weaponsmith
Super Adventure Box merchant (map icon).png Super Adventure Box Weekly Trader




When kicked out of the hub (e.g. due to festival expiration) the character is deposited in Metrica Province instead of Rata Sum.
  • There is a secret area beneath the main Hub. It is reached by finding the hole in the wall at the back-left corner of the lobby(near the house for World 4) and then follow the jumping puzzle around until you reach the Bouncy Mushroom Pad in the center. This will launch you into the clouds above the Hub, and climbing further on the clouds will allow you to reach the four cannons.
    • Players who climb into the cannons will be shot onto other clouds with Cloud Flags that shoot fireworks and cause the player to dance when interacted with.
    • In the SW corner of the clouds there is a Bee Dog Honeycomb which may be used to transform into a Bee Dog, allowing you to fly and explore distant clouds.
  • In 2021, a small place with several books was added, including Moto's notes, located within the secret area beneath the hub.
  • Every 15 minutes a parade of the Super Adventure creatures will circle the central fountain.


  • In April 2013 players started in a cloudy area and were greeted by Moto at the gate. Players were required to grab a coin from the Super Coin Vending Machine and stick it in Moto's mouth to enter the Hub, though the 2016 release did not require this.
  • The sun in the background of the Hub originally appeared green due to being affected by fog. This was fixed in the 2016 release so that it appears yellow.