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Mysterious Journal

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Overview [1]

Mysterious Journal is a No Quarter achievement. It involves hunting down the eight Scraps of Paper scattered across Drizzlewood Coast.


This achievement rewards items.This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Mysterious Journal No Quarter 3Achievement points
Collect 8 scraps of paper in the Drizzlewood Coast.
  • Tier
1: Instructions for Defectors.png Mysterious Journal (Incomplete)
  • Tier
2: Guide to Waterproofing.png Completed Journal
Collected 1 Journal Entry 1Achievement points
Collected 8 Journal Entries 2Achievement points


Note that the eight scraps have no ingame numbering system.

# Area Nearest point of interest Notes
1 Umbral Grotto Waypoint (map icon).png Base Camp Waypoint Under the "m" of Umbral Grotto when you view the map. On the north side of the gate.
2 Vloxen Mine Point of interest (map icon).png Vloxen Shards South of the point of interest. Located near the end of the word "Mine" and to the right of the gate at the entrance of the mine.
3 Petraj Overlook Point of interest (map icon).png Petraj Commons West of the point of interest, on the south bank of the river. Under the letters "et" of Petraj Overlook when you view the map.
4 Port Cascadia Point of interest (map icon).png Port Cascadia On the rocks just southwest of the tower, by the water's edge.
5 Wolf's Crossing Point of interest (map icon).png Wolf's Crossing Bridge To the left of the bridge beside the mastery insight.
6 Leadfoot Village (east) Point of interest (map icon).png Leadfoot Village On a tall rock mound, east of the eastern village gate.
7 Fort Defiance Point of interest (map icon).png Troop Quarters West of the point of interest, and south of the mastery insight, on top of some mountainous rock.
8 Leadfoot Village (south) Point of interest (map icon).png Leadfoot Village Due south of the southern village gate, on a rocky outcrop looking down on the village. Use a mount to get up there.


Received letter after completing the achievement.

Once you have collected all eight scraps of paper, you gain a complete journal and a mysterious letter arrives. The sender is Unknown, and the subject is "We must speak", and the text says "Commander, you've found my journal. Meet me at what was once my village. It's near the base your allies established near the front lines. Or you can just follow the smell of ash."

The letter is from Goro Cleverclaws, located on a ledge just slightly northwest of Point of interest (map icon).png Petraj's Rest. The completed journal will update and rename itself to Guide to Waterproofing.pngGoro's Journal.

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