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Disambig icon.png This article is about the instance reached with the Hall of Monuments Portal Stone. For the Icebrood Saga zone, see Eye of the North.

Eye of the North

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Map of Eye of the North

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Loading screen


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The Eye of the North is an ancient, huge tower in the Far Shiverpeaks, with architecture matching that of no known species, and now in ruins. It is topped with a hollow spire, the uppermost part of which has always appeared to be either incomplete or broken off. The Eye contains two rooms—the main interior of the tower, which is large and empty save for ghosts and an asura gate, and the Hall of Monuments, which is full of statues commemorating the deeds of the long-dead hero who defeated the Great Destroyer as well as an ancient Scrying Pool.

The Hall of Monuments within is the reward system that allows players of the original game to access unique rewards for use in Guild Wars 2. Rewards include a full armor set for each weight, several pieces of list of non-set armor pieces, miniatures, and pets for Rangers. All items are free, and in addition, all skins can be applied for free via the wardrobe from anywhere in the game. Each new point the player earns unlocks a new reward, up until 30 points. Additionally, every 5 points unlocks a new title, all the way to the maximum, 50 points.

The reward system works by linking a player's Guild Wars account with their Guild Wars 2 account. While playing Guild Wars: Eye of the North, players can earn points by completing certain tasks, such as obtaining a rare mini-pet, or by completing campaigns. By linking their accounts at account.guildwars2.com, their points from Eye of the North are transferred to their Guild Wars 2 account, which unlocks the appropriate rewards in the Hall of Monuments. Players who have not played Guild Wars for an extended period of time may need to log in and talk to Kimmes the Historian in order to complete the account link.


Primary article: Eye of the North#History

Getting there[edit]

  • The Eye of the North can be reached by using a Hall of Monuments Portal Stone.
    • Players who have already linked their accounts will have a Hall of Monuments Portal Stone in their mail whenever they create a character. Portal Stones can also be purchased for free from Sarettokk within Hooligan's Route in Lion's Arch. Sarettokk sells stones even to players who don't have their accounts linked to a Guild Wars account, as such these players can also visit the instance, though will naturally be unable to access any of the rewards.
  • When in the zone version of the Eye of the North, interact with the Scrying Pool and choose the "View the Eye of the North before your friends arrived here." option.




Merchant (vendor icon).png Kimmes the Historian



Hall of Monuments rewards[edit]

For galleries showcasing the appearances, see Heritage armor and Hall of Monuments weapon skins.

Skins and miniatures[edit]

Awarded for every point from 1-30.

Points Skin type Reward
1 Armor skin Heritage Shoes.pngHeritage Shoes Heritage Boots.pngHeritage Boots Heritage Warboots.pngHeritage Warboots
2 Armor skin Heritage Pants.pngHeritage Pants Heritage Legguards.pngHeritage Legguards Heritage Legplates.pngHeritage Legplates
3 Armor skin Heritage Greatcoat.pngHeritage Greatcoat Heritage Jerkin.pngHeritage Jerkin Heritage Warplate.pngHeritage Warplate
4 Armor skin Heritage Gloves.pngHeritage Gloves Heritage Armguards.pngHeritage Armguards Heritage Gauntlets.pngHeritage Gauntlets
5 Armor skin Heritage Mantle.pngHeritage Mantle Heritage Shoulderpads.pngHeritage Shoulderpads Heritage Pauldrons.pngHeritage Pauldrons
6 Armor skin Heritage Masque.pngHeritage Masque Heritage Bandana.pngHeritage Bandana Heritage Warhelm.pngHeritage Warhelm
7 Weapon skin Gnarled Walking Staff.pngGnarled Walking Staff
8 Weapon skin Living Short Bow.pngLiving Short Bow
9 Miniature Mini Orange Tabby Cat.pngMini Orange Tabby Cat
10 Weapon skin Fiery Dragon Sword.pngFiery Dragon Sword
11 Weapon skin Diamond Aegis Shield.pngDiamond Aegis Shield
12 Armor skin Baroque Mask.pngBaroque Mask
13 Weapon skin Centurions Claw.pngCenturions Claw
14 Weapon skin Wheelock Rifle.pngWheelock Rifle
15 Miniature Mini Orrian Baby Chicken.pngMini Orrian Baby Chicken
16 Weapon skin Wayward Wand Scepter.pngWayward Wand Scepter
17 Weapon skin Seathunder Pistol.pngSeathunder Pistol
18 Armor skin Heavenly Bracers.pngHeavenly Bracers
19 Weapon skin Deldrimor Mace.pngDeldrimor Mace
20 Weapon skin Chimeric Prism Focus.pngChimeric Prism Focus
21 Miniature Mini Rockfur Racoon.pngMini Rockfur Racoon
22 Weapon skin Ithas Longbow.pngIthas Longbow
23 Weapon skin Fellblade.pngFellblade
24 Armor skin Icelord's Diadem.pngIcelord's Diadem
25 Weapon skin Icebreaker.pngIcebreaker
26 Weapon skin Flaming Beacon.pngFlaming Beacon
27 Miniature Mini Servitor Golem.pngMini Servitor Golem
28 Weapon skin Stygian Axe.pngStygian Axe
29 Weapon skin Mountaincall Warhorn.pngMountaincall Warhorn
30 Armor skin Fire God's Vambraces.pngFire God's Vambraces


Awarded every 5 points from 15-30.

Points Icon Pet
Juvenile Black Moa.png
Juvenile Black Moa
Juvenile Blue Jellyfish.png
Juvenile Rainbow Jellyfish
Juvenile White Raven.png
Juvenile White Raven
Juvenile Black Widow Spider.png
Juvenile Black Widow Spider


Awarded every 5 points from 5-50.

Points Title
5 Title icon.png Traveler
10 Title icon.png Guild Warrior
15 Title icon.png Rift Warden
20 Title icon.png Chosen
25 Title icon.png Ascendant
30 Title icon.png Closer to the Stars
35 Title icon.png Ghostly Hero
40 Title icon.png Flameseeker
45 Title icon.png Legend of the Mists
50 Title icon.png Champion of the Gods

Reward revocation[edit]

Access to Kimmes the Historian was disabled for nearly five months from mid-March to the end of July in 2015, after a bug was introduced which awarded players with Hall of Monuments achievements (and their associated titles and points) without having earned them. The fix that was eventually implemented was to have the game dynamically determine at every login whether the account should be credited for the achievements.

Ever since this fix, some accounts may occasionally receive the mail below and find that their achievements, but not rewards, have been revoked. This is caused when server issues interrupt the link between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, and is a harmless, temporary issue that can typically be ignored until it resolves itself.[1] If the problem persists, speaking with Kimmes and/or following the steps outlined in the notes section below should fix it.

Affected accounts receive the following in-game mail:


Scholar Aiti

LOR-748 Title-Issuing Error


My records indicate you are one of the recent recipients of the title "God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals."


However, I have some unfortunate news. Your title was the result of my golem, LOR-748, believing you earned the honor and issuing this esteemed accolade. Now, there's no way my golem made any sort of miscalculation, which means there is only one explanation: the Eternal Alchemy itself is wrong.

To clarify, the illegal modifications I made to LOR-748's title-issuing program had absolutely nothing to do with this title-issuing mistake.

In an effort to remedy this error—again, not mine—your title and any other unearned Hall of Monuments rewards must be revoked. This is regrettable, but the Alchemy is a living thing that, if not corrected, corrects itself—and no one wants to leave this up to the uncaring universe. This reversal will also keep the Arcane Council from incarcerating me until, as they put it, "your bones turn to dust."

Scholar Aiti.



  • The point of interest here does not count towards map completion.
  • Since the Hall of Monuments is an instance, gliding and mounts are disabled.
  • If you do not see your rewards being offered by Kimmes, the following solution has fixed the issue with some accounts:
    • Log back into Guild Wars 1 and speak to Kimmes in your Hall of Monuments.
    • Toggle your hall display between character-wide and account-wide.
    • Return to Kimmes in Guild Wars 2.

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