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July 13, 2021

July 7, 2021
July 14, 2021

Update 2 - July 13, 2021[edit]

Bug Fix:[edit]

  • Fixed a server crash.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]

  • Build: 117,503

Late Notes: July 13, 2021[edit]

World Polish[edit]

  • Second generation legendary precursors have had their once-per-account crafting restrictions removed.

Profession Skills[edit]


  • Mesmer phantasms no longer display their summoner's cosmetic back items. This change was made to reduce graphic lag caused by a specific interaction between phantasm transparency and back items, which could cause severe frame-rate drops for some computer hardware configurations. Clones are unaffected by this change and still display cosmetic back items.

Update - July 13, 2021[edit]

Wrath of the Twisted Marionette[edit]

Defeated long ago by Tyria's defenders, the colossal Twisted Marionette was one of the demented Scarlet Briar's most infamous creations. Now, its shadow lurks within the Scrying Pool, awaiting adventurers bold enough to test their might against the clockwork memory.

  • The Twisted Marionette battle is now available via the Scrying Pool in the Eye of the North! Gather your allies—and your courage—to face the updated encounter; without a large and coordinated team, you'll be hopelessly outmatched.
    • The Twisted Marionette battle can be entered at any time by an organized squad of up to 50 players.
  • The marionette's original achievement category, The Origins of Madness, has been restored from the Historical category. For the opening week, it's available in the Bonus Events category; after the introduction, it will remain permanently available in the Side Stories category.
  • A new achievement category for the Marionette's return, Revenge of the Marionette, is now available. For the opening week, it's available in the Bonus Events category; after the introduction it will remain permanently available in the Side Stories category.
  • A special event for the Marionette's return will be active for one week. Complete achievements in the Wrath of the Twisted Marionette category in Bonus Events to earn extra rewards, and work together to bring down the marionette's power!
    • During this event, a public version of the Twisted Marionette battle will be available every two hours in the Eye of the North.

Legendary Armory Is Here—Huzzah![edit]

The Legendary Armory is a new and improved way to manage your legendary gear and upgrades. Once a legendary item is added to the armory, it will be available to every level-80 character on your account.

  • Any legendary item that you bind to your account will be entered into the Legendary Armory.
    • Any legendary item entered in the Legendary Armory will be immediately available for all of your characters to use, simultaneously!
    • You will no longer need to use Shared Inventory or Bank space to transfer legendary items from one character to another.
  • Account-bound legendary items will be automatically entered into the Legendary Armory once you log in to each of the characters on your account.
    • Please take a moment to log in to each character you believe may have a legendary item equipped or stored in their inventory.
  • Any newly earned legendary items that bind on acquisition will automatically be entered into your Legendary Armory.
    • Legendary items that bind when equipped will not be entered in your Legendary Armory until you attempt to equip them.
    • Unbound legendary items remain tradable just as they were before, until they are account bound.
    • When an item has entered the Legendary Armory, you will see a new splash screen celebrating your accomplishment and providing some useful information.
  • Items entered in the Legendary Armory can be found in the Equipment page of your Hero panel alongside all of your other equipment.
    • Items in the Legendary Armory will be indicated by a gold tag in the upper left corner of the icon.
    • Legendary items can be equipped on your character just like any other item.
    • While a legendary item is in the Legendary Armory, it exists in a blank, default state.
      • Once equipped, double-click the equipped legendary item to select a stat combo and make use of available upgrades and infusions.
      • To apply these choices quickly and easily to other Equipment Templates on the same character, we recommend making use of the new Copy feature (see below).
      • When a legendary item is unequipped, it will return to the Legendary Armory in a default state.
    • Items equipped from the Legendary Armory can also be visually customized with zero transmutation costs (free!).
  • The Legendary Armory can unlock as many of a single item as you can equip within a single Equipment Template.
    • Items above this cap can no longer be used. We have a process in place to identify the approximately 0.008% of players who had this many items before this release, and we'll be communicating with and compensating these players individually in the coming days.

Living World[edit]


  • Added a new button to the skill bar that allows players to view and swap Build and Equipment Templates without using key binds or opening the Hero panel.
    • This new menu can be accessed by right-clicking on the Swap Weapon Sets button of your skill bar—or by clicking the arrow above it—to display a vertical list.
    • Equipment Templates are listed in the left column and Build Templates in the right column. Your currently active templates will be highlighted. Simply click a button in the list to quickly switch.
  • Individual equipment slots can now be copied from one Equipment Template to another.
    • There's no need to set and select stats each time you want to use the same item in multiple equipment templates—instead, simply copy from one to another.
    • This feature works with any equipped item, but it's very useful when used in combination with Legendary Armory equipment.
    • There are two ways to make use of this feature:
      • Right-click on an equipped item, navigate to the Copy option in the list, and then select a destination template.
      • Drag and drop an equipped item to the Equipment Template tab at the top of the Equipment menu (highlighted in blue) that you wish to copy the item to.
    • The item and its selected stats, along with any upgrades, infusions, runes, and sigils, will be copied to the destination slot.
      • A message will let you know if the system is unable to copy every detail, including information such as the availability of runes or sigils.
  • Items that can be equipped are now categorized by source in the equipment-slot context menu.
    • When right-clicking an equipment slot, you will now see "Equip from (Source)" in the context menu.
      • These are the available sources:
        • Inventory: Any valid equipment item that is currently in your character's inventory.
        • Armory: Any valid equipment item in use on another Equipment Templates of your character.
        • Legendary Armory: Any valid legendary item that is available for use in the Legendary Armory on your account.
  • Items equipped from the Legendary Armory can transmute their skins for free.
    • Equipped legendary items can be customized individually within each Equipment Template on each of your characters with no transmutation charges.
  • Legendary trinkets that previously had a Slumbering version can now toggle their visual effects via a checkbox in the equipment panel.
    • The acquisition path for acquiring these legendary items has been adjusted to remove the Slumbering step as the Slumbering versions no longer serve their intended purpose.
  • Removed the unique property of Conflux, allowing multiple copies to be equipped.
  • The "Activating Template" message no longer displays when a character levels up.
  • Added new Mystic Forge recipes:
  • Fixed a bug in Dragonstorm in which players could get credit for the Cooler Than Cool achievement by using mounts.
  • Updated the item rarities of the Pristine Dragon's Left Eye and Pristine Dragon's Right Eye to exotic.

Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store[edit]

New Items and Promotions[edit]

Black Lion Chest[edit]

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]

  • Build: 117,446