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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Edge of Destiny and the personal story.

Rootless, all of you are. You do not belong in the lands that gave you birth. Now you belong to no one and everyone. You are killers of the Dragonspawn—slayers of dragon champions.


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Destiny's Edge was a famous adventuring guild in Tyria dedicated to stopping the Elder Dragons. Although they no longer travel together, they are considered living legends and tales of their bravery are still told the continent over. Destiny's Edge was somewhat renowned for having had a member of every playable race within its ranks, proving that it is possible for races to put aside their differences for a common goal. The player will come across the members of Destiny's Edge throughout the game, particularly in the dungeons. The story mode of a dungeon tells a story related to the guild and generally features two or more of its members. Part of the story is for the player to help the members overcome the differences which caused the group to dissolve and gather them together again to battle Zhaitan.

The group's story is told in the second Guild Wars novel called Edge of Destiny.

The original members were:

Gathering allies[edit]

Destiny's Edge resulted from the merge of two smaller groups, Edge of Steel (Rytlock, Logan and Caithe) and Dragonspawn's Destiny (Eir, Garm, Snaff and Zojja). The group came together in 1319 AE due to Eir's desire to find a group of warriors to defeat the Dragonspawn.

Edge of Steel had formed temporarily as an alliance between Logan, Rytlock, and Caithe as they escaped from ogres and destroyers in Ascalon via an ancient asura gate, and ended up in Lion's Arch, though they would soon get arrested and forced to fight to pay off their debt of 500 gold and earn their freedom within the arena, where they would officially get the title of their small group. However, they found they worked extremely well as a team, and started to enjoy their time there, earning fame as they won match after match, and forging closer bonds with each other.

Meanwhile the group of Dragonspawn's Destiny had formed after Eir witnessed the power of the golems Snaff had created with his apprentice, Zojja, though they would only use their title when facing Edge of Steel within the arena in Lion's Arch. Having failed against the Dragonspawn, Eir was temporarily exiled from Hoelbrak for bringing a storm to the town which would only be rescinded when Eir would bring 'proper' warriors back to face the Dragonspawn.

Slaying monsters[edit]

Members of Destiny's Edge fight destroyers.

Heading to Lion's Arch, they witnessed Edge of Steel in the arena, and although they could not afford to buy out their debt, they arranged to fight them to win their debt instead, which they had managed to do.

With this done, the two groups became one, and their first goal was defeating the dragonspawn which had defeated the then-smaller group before. After days of planning and preparation, the guild eventually succeeded and achieved celebrity status; although Eir had planned to proceed with the destruction of Jormag, the group acknowledged they still lacked enough strength and so decided to battle more of the Elder Dragons' lieutenants. Destiny's Edge successfully defeated Morgus Lethe‎‎ and the Destroyer of Life, with their fame rising after each victory.

Battling dragons[edit]

Destiny's Edge fight Branded dragon minions in the Crystal Desert.

Their first attempt to defeat an Elder Dragon happened when they went to face Glint after discovering she was a champion of a still sleeping Elder Dragon. They learned she had betrayed her master, Kralkatorrik, and stood with her to fight him as he flew to slay his former servant. Before the fight, however, Logan was called away by Queen Jennah when branded attacked Ebonhawke. Despite being a member short, Eir made a decision to still stand against the enemy, believing they could still win. Her decision was miscalculated, however, and resulted in defeat with the death of both Glint and Snaff. Bitter with defeat, disillusioned by Logan's departure, and saddened by the death of their friend, the guild disbanded in 1320 AE.

Recent adventures[edit]

The surviving members after the battle with Kralkatorrik.

Following the defeat of Mazdak the Accursed, Caithe calls upon the other former members of the group to Lion's Arch, to discuss reforming. However, the group begins to quarrel and the members go their separate ways once more, though each member privately confide to their proteges some of their regrets at the lack of success in reforming.

Nevertheless, Eir and Caithe continued to attempt reforming the group, with the former leaving for the Ascalonian Catacombs to retrieve Magdaer in order to give to Logan, though the journey left her disheartened by Rytlock's words, who had come to rescue her with reinforcements and to prevent any further bloodshed between the ghosts and the charr.

In Kryta, Separatists ruined Queen Jennah's party at Caudecus's Manor in celebration of the treaty between humans and charr. Logan, who was attending, aided in the rescue of his queen. Zojja was also in attendance, having discovered the Separatists using asura technology. Afterwards, Queen Jennah realized the world needed Logan more than she did, and sent him out of Kryta to follow his own journey.

Caithe called upon Logan and Rytlock to Twilight Arbor in an attempt to get them to work together individually, and later attempted the same between Eir and Zojja at Sorrow's Embrace - however both times failed, with more past grievances aired between everyone.

At the Citadel of Flame, Logan and Rytlock once more argue with each other before they are told to work together by their associates. During the journey to find Gaheron Baelfire, Logan manages to save Rytlock from falling into lava via a collapsing bridge. At the end, they apologized to each other for their actions over the years and agreed to try to work out their differences over a few beers.

Meanwhile, Eir, who had been badly affected by her last meeting with Zojja, had fled north to the Honor of the Waves where she planned to go out like a hero. Caithe had followed her suicidal friend with a few associates. Despite their small numbers, with Eir unwilling to back down, they followed her and the Kodan to save the latter's spiritual leader. During the journey, Eir realizes the lesson she herself had to learn despite being told numerous times by Caithe, and at the end, decides to go with Caithe to pull the members of Destiny's Edge back together to help fight Zhaitan.

By the time Logan and Rytlock come to aid Zojja in the Crucible of Eternity, they have reforged their close ties with each other, with Logan calling Rytlock his "brother" at one point, much to Zojja's surprise. Afterwards, seeing that Logan and Rytlock had really forgiven each other with no bad blood between them, she agreed to at least try talking to Eir one more time.

At the ruined city of Arah, Eir has succeeded in gathering everyone together once more, though she and everyone else are surprised to see Zojja, who has turned up to help. In her own way, she forgives Eir, who thanks her. Following the commander of the Pact in getting the airship aloft, the ship is stuck and surrounded by Risen when Logan elects to remain behind to release the airship into the air, as he believes he left everyone behind to fight, and now it is their turn to leave him behind to carry the fight on.

Believing they left him for dead as the airship moves on, the rest of Destiny's Edge and the commander fight their way past the forces of Zhaitan, though their airship is breaking apart. With moments left to go, a second ship arrives to the rescue, upon which Logan is onboard, much to the relief of the other Destiny's Edge members. Following this, they go forth to fight Zhaitan.

Post-Zhaitan Activities[edit]

After the fall of Zhaitan, Rytlock began looking into ways to cleanse the effects of the Foefire, but wound up vanishing into the Mists after leaping into it after his sword Sohothin. The rest of Destiny's Edge joined the Pact to investigate the Maguuma Wastes into incidents relating to the jungle dragon Mordremoth and wound up discovering that the Zephyrites were protecting a very powerful item, Glint's Egg, but not before it was taken by Caithe who vanished with it.

Logan, Zojja with Mr. Sparkles, Eir and Garm, then joined the Pact again to bring down Mordremoth, but were separated and captured by Mordremoth when he crashed the Pact Fleet. Shortly after the destruction of the fleet, Rytlock reappeared from the Mists as the first Revenant, and used his new powers to track down Eir, who was imprisoned with Faolain, but the reunion was short lived when a Mordrem Vinetooth promptly attacked. Eir was stabbed by Faolain in a cowardly and futile attempt to escape the beast, and as a result, Eir was struck down and killed, making the fight against Mordremoth more personal than ever. Rytlock joined the Pact Commander's party as they progressed deeper into the Heart of Maguuma.

In the Auric Basin, the Exalted managed to detect Glint's egg moving through the area, still held by Caithe. As she was attacked by a corrupted Faolain, the Pact Commander and their team saved her and took back the egg. Caithe vanished once again.

As the Pact forced their way into Dragon's Stand, they eventually managed to rescue Logan and Zojja from the Mordrem. They had undergone near-death experiences in Blighting Pods, which drained their strength and used it to create Mordrem facsimiles of the two heroes.

Caithe reappeared soon afterwards, pleading for the Pact Commander's trust. Caithe and Rytlock helped to slay Faolain, and later joined the battle against Mordremoth within the dragon's mind. Destiny's Edge had helped kill another Elder Dragon, but at a terrible cost.

By 1329 AE and Eir's memorial service, Garm was recovered by Rox and returned to Hoelbrak. Logan and Zojja were still recovering from their ordeal in the Blighting Pods. Rytlock agreed to join the Pact Commander and those who had helped slay Mordremoth in a new guild, called Dragon's Watch. Caithe remained independently active, appearing later in Bloodstone Fen tracking the White Mantle and their activities.

With its founding members either dead, incapacitated, or active in another guild's name, Destiny's Edge has been effectively dissolved.


  • Each member of Destiny's Edge wears tier 3 cultural armor for their race, but none of them are seen wearing their races' cultural helm except Zojja.