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Captain Theo Ashford

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Wealth is a major factor of power here, and it's Ashford's area of expertise. Lion's Arch being a merchant town, his influence is spreading rapidly.

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Captain Theo Ashford was a member of the Ship's Council and the Ascalonian Ashfords, a family of cut-throats. He was an old family friend of Logan Thackeray's. Ashford was assassinated by Aetherblades during the Dragon Bash effigy lighting ceremony as part of a plot to install Captain Mai Trin onto the Captain's Council, but this plan was foiled by Inspector Ellen Kiel, who would later take Ashford's place on the Council.


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Living World Season 1[edit]

Living World Season 1 (historical)


Before Dragon Bash
Welcome to the greatest city in the world, me hearty.
Talk more option tango.png Quite a boaster, mister. Can you back it up?
I'm Captain Theo Ashford...formally of the Ascalon Ashfords. We bring money, prestige, and charisma everywhere we go. And now I'm here!
Talk end option tango.png Keep up the good work, Captain.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks, uh...matey.
During Dragon Bash
You look like someone who enjoys a party. You've come to the right place. It's Dragon Bash time, and I know everything happening in this city.
Talk more option tango.png Tell me about Dragon Bash.
We were inspired by the old Dragon Festival, but made it a real party. We've got attractions and distractions, but the effigies take the cake. Well, if you can make a cake out of a massive dragon statue, that is.
Talk more option tango.png Tell me about the effigies.
We're building giant dragon statues, all so we can wreck them in a big ceremony. And there'll be effigies around the world for you to bash too. Be on the lookout for them.
Talk more option tango.png And you are?
Captain Theo Ashford, of the Ascalonian Ashfords, captain on the Ship's Council. Between you and me, it's about time the dullards on the council threw a party like this.
Talk more option tango.png Why are you out here?
You're joking, right? I'm the life of this party. Who better to tell the people about Dragon Bash?
Talk end option tango.png Take care.
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks for the information.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks for the information.
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye.



  1. ^ The Scenic Route
    Marjory Delaqua: You worked for her! And there's plenty of blood on your hands, too. Captain Ashford comes to mind.
    Mai Trin: Who?
    Marjory Delaqua: Captain Theo Ashford! He had a husband and kid! You assassinated him for his seat on the Captain's Council.
  2. ^ The Cycle, Reborn
    Captain Ellen Kiel: I heard you apprehended Mai Trin. That's good; Theo Ashford's husband deserves some measure of justice.