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Bandit Slayer[edit]

  • Level 2-3 bandits can be found between the Village of Shaemoor and Dalin's Pumping Station in Queensdale.
  • Bandithaunt Caverns, a cave in the west of Queensdale, has level 5 bandits.
  • Bar Curtis Ranch, south of Waypoint (tango icon).png Vale Waypoint in Queensdale, has level 10 bandits.
  • Beggar's Burrow, east of the Village of Shaemoor cemetery in Queensdale, has a room full of quick spawning bandits.

Bat Slayer[edit]

Centaur Slayer[edit]

Crystal Cracker[edit]

Kill Branded enemies.

  • The easiest way might be to participate in Event boss (tango icon).png [Group Event] Slay the Shatterer (50), and focus on killing the smaller Branded spawning around the Shatterer.

Devourer Slayer[edit]

Djinn Bottler[edit]

Drake Slayer[edit]

Dredge Slayer[edit]

Elemental Slayer[edit]

Elona Safari Hunter[edit]

  • Elonian animals, such as hyenas, can also be found in WvW, so this achievement can be completed by accounts without Path of Fire, although much more slowly.
  • Creatures contributing to this achievement include: Hydras, Sand Eels, Sand Lions, Sand Sharks, Spotted Hyenas, Junundu and Wargs (only the Elonian variant).
  • Many of these creatures can be found in close proximity and on short respawn timers on the hills north of Waypoint (tango icon).png Olishar's Oasis Camp Waypoint.

Ettin Slayer[edit]

Fish Slayer[edit]

Flame Legion's Bane[edit]

Ghost Buster[edit]

Note that gravelings also count toward the Ghost Buster achievement.

Giant Slayer[edit]

The Legendary Sand Giant that spawns during Event boss (tango icon).png [Group Event] Defeat the legendary giant before the sandstorm dissipates (80) in Dry Top is bugged, and sometimes won't count towards this achievement.

Grawl Slayer[edit]

Griffon Slayer[edit]

Harpy Slayer[edit]

Hylek Slayer[edit]

Imp Slayer[edit]

Indiscriminate Slayer[edit]

  • Ambient (white name) creatures can be found almost everywhere in the game, particularly near outposts and inhabited areas. These creatures are useful for advancing kill achievements for off-hand or low-damage weapons like shields.

Creatures from other species (such as spiders and crabs) belong to their respective Slayer achievements.

  • A large number of ambient creatures in a small area can be found in the north camp of any WvW borderland.
  • There is a sewer found in the level 60 Personal Story Mission Forewarned is Forearmed for characters that have joined the Vigil. There is an endless supply of rats that run past at about 1 per second.
  • Grand Barrier Isle has groups of 3-5 crows that spawn with high frequency.
  • There are a great many ambient creatures in The Underbelly which is in the northern part of the Straits of Devastation.
  • There are many crows in the dead Pact camp in Onager Bivouac in Fireheart Rise. They respawn often.

Inquest's Bane[edit]

Insect Slayer[edit]

Jotun Slayer[edit]

Krait Slayer[edit]

Minotaur Slayer[edit]

Nightmare Court's Bane[edit]

Ogre Slayer[edit]

Ooze Slayer[edit]

Pirate Slayer[edit]

Plant Slayer[edit]

Raptor Slayer[edit]

Reaper of the Awakened[edit]

Shell Slayer[edit]

Ambient crabs count toward this achievement as well as actual foe crabs such as hermit crabs; grinding goes much faster in locations that have both types.

Skale Slayer[edit]

Skelk Slayer[edit]

Skritt Slayer[edit]

Slagger of the Forged[edit]

Son of Svanir's Bane[edit]

Spider Slayer[edit]

Troll Slayer[edit]

Wind Rider Slayer[edit]

Wurm Slayer[edit]

Killing a grub counts toward this achievement.

Zhaitan's Bane[edit]


  • It is possible to use low level alt characters to get these kills, so they can benefit from experience, renouncing better drops from higher level foes.
  • Each dungeon offers at least 1 type of creature to be easily farmed.
    1. AC: Ghosts
    2. CM: Bandits
    3. TA: Nightmare
    4. SE: Dredge
    5. CoF: Flame Legion
    6. HotW: Son of Svanir
    7. CoE: Inquest
    8. Arah: Zhaitan's Army
  • Combining Slayer achievements with Weapon Master achievements is a good idea. Use the weapon you want to get the achievement for while killing the vast numbers of enemies required for Slayer achievements.