Giant's Passage

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Giant's Passage

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Giant's Passage map.jpg
Map of Giant's Passage

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Giant's Passage is an area in Kessex Hills, south-west of Earthworks Bluff. Due to the ettin tribe living nearby who often collapse the tunnel and thus block the Lion Road, the Lionguards of Overlake Haven are tasked to protect it.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Assist Overlake Haven with their ettin nuisance (20)
Waypoint (map icon).png Overlake Haven Waypoint —
Vista (map icon).png Giant's Passage Vista —
Approach up the slope - starting from just south of the road by the Earthworks Camp Waypoint and traveling SW.
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Overlake Haven





Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Amanda
Merchant (vendor icon).png Antonius
Armorsmith (map icon).png Brandon
Merchant (vendor icon).png Caitlin
Renown Heart (map icon).png Deputy Jenks
Scout (map icon).png Hwaichin Thundersquawk



Ambient dialogue[edit]

At Overlake Haven
Wisteri: Sometimes the krait will hamstring their slaves. It must be devastating for a centaur.
Lopp: It would be devastating for me, too.
Wisteri: That's true.
Lionguard Amita: More refugees, if this keeps up, we'll have to move into the Mists.
Lionguard Brodnick: I'm sure the dragons would love that.
Lionguard Brodnick: You see the toxic shark they pulled out of the lake the other day?
Lionguard Amita: I did. It had teeth bigger than my youngest progeny.
Lionguard Migra: Too bad so many of the krait have gone, I love hunting them.
Lionguard Viff: There are plenty of other things to hunt now.
Lionguard Viff: Next time we go on patrol, let's take a pack animal so we don't run out of drinking water.
Lionguard Migra: You don't need a pack animal. You've got me.
Lionguard Viff: Oh yeah. Good point.
Lionguard: This is a pretty nice place. Once the krait are gone and the world stops falling apart, I think I'll like it here.
Fisher Wallace: If the krait weren't around, I could test my tricolor minnow blighter.
Sheriff Bronden: Test it anyway. You worry too much.
Fisher Wallace: What? You can't be serious. I'm sitting here until the krait are gone.
Reginald Murcan: They kicked me outta the other havens.
Hugh Hillman: Why?
Reginald Murcan: They don't like me. It's a conspiracy, see.
Hugh Hillman: Huh.
Reginald Murcan: It is! I know too much, and it makes them nervous. I used to work for the queen, you know.
Hugh Hillman: Why don't they just kill ya?
Reginald Murcan: They've tried. They're probably trying right now. A little poison in this ale, maybe.
Hugh Hillman: Whatever. I need to finish this now.
Jerry Glenthurne: Let's see what's on the menu... hmmm...
Mebeleen Glenthurne: Probably nothing you like.
Mebeleen Glenthurne: We heard krait last night, down by the lake. Isn't that right, dear?
Jerry Glenthurne: (grunt)
Lopp: What? What was that?
Mebeleen Glenthurne: I said we heard krait. Last night. By the lake.
Lopp: Oh! Krait. I definitely misheard that. I though you said wait or fate or tate or something.
Fisher Wallace: You smell like someone who likes to fish.
Lionguard Airem: Hey, hey! I study fish in my free time. Nothing wrong with that. There are lots of fish around, and they're in trouble.
Fisher Wallace: Whoa, easy. That was a compliment. Kindred spirits, you and I. See? Take a whiff.
Fisher Wallace: Nothing compares to asuran lures. The fish practically jump on the hooks.
Gardener Keemi: Well, I'm not surprised. Why don't they spend more time inventing better horticultural machines? I could do so much.
Fisher Wallace: There's krait around. So now I barely survive by fising, but I just can't bring myself to leave.
Sheriff Bronden: We're all here with you. Keeping you alive so you can fish is one of our highest priorities, I promise.
Gardener Keemi: What is the Dream like?
Lionguard Airem: My dream? Imagine shattered corpses, laughing children. Now imagine me, searching. I find only corpses. The laughter yet eludes me.
Gardener Keemi: Oh. Well, try a little gardening. That's what I do when I need to relax.
Gardener Keemi: A truffle lily imbued with alcration fire essence has the most amazing scent and coloration.
Fisher Wallace: Can it hide the fish smell?
Gardener Keemi: It could, but the underlying scent of fish would contaminate the delicate balance.
Fisher Wallace: You say that like I care.
Gardener Keemi: If my spectral calcimitor wasn't on the fritz, I could analyze the soil here.
Lionguard Airem: What magnificent device is that? I want to try! It sounds utterly amazing. It sounds like something I'd use every day.
Gardener Keemi: A spectral calcimitor. It measures, well, it measures the soil. And it's broken. SO you can't use it.
Gardener Keemi: Ever wonder what we're doing here?
Lionguard Airem: Not really. I follow Ventari's teachings. and all I have known is death. Life harbors evil, and where it goes, I conquer it.
Wisteri: Fishing looks like hard work, but the workers seem happy.
Hugh Hillman: Well, they should be. We pay enough for fish these days.
Lopp: I don't think they're making much money. Fish are hard to get with all the krait.



Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Plant resource (map icon).png Toxic Seedling
Mine resource (map icon).png Iron Ore
Bulk ingredients
Complete heart (map icon).png Deputy Jenks
Bananas in Bulk.pngBananas in Bulk
Black Beans in Bulk.pngBlack Beans in Bulk
Nutmeg Seeds in Bulk.pngNutmeg Seeds in Bulk