Defend Mad Mardine's cows from harpies while he tests his invention

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Defend Mad Mardine's cows from harpies while he tests his invention

Rancher's Wash
(Diessa Plateau)
Event type
Event shield (tango icon).png Dynamic event
Event maps

Mad Mardine will launch cows with his "Cattlepult".

Interactive map

Interactive map

Defend Mad Mardine's cows from harpies while he tests his invention is a level 20 event that occurs in Rancher's Wash.

You will have to defend Mad Mardine's cows from harpies while he shoots the cows with a giant "Cattlepult". He will have very little success with launching cows on the tower, but very much so with leaving splattered cow guts in harpy nests. You will need to keep at least five cows alive so they can be launched. A wave of Young Harpies will come after firing each cow. Tigh Snatchskull will assist you in defeating them.


  • Tests completed: x/5
  • Cows needed: x
  • Cows alive: x


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 802 Experience.png 108 Karma 25 Copper coin
Silver 681 Experience.png 92 Karma 21 Copper coin
Bronze 601 Experience.png 81 Karma 19 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 20 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Before event, at cattle purchase
Tigh Snatchskull: Hey, I need to purchase some more cattle from you.
Forex Dawnswift: Again? What are you doing with them?
Tigh Snatchskull: That's my business, not yours. Are you going to sell them to me or not?
Forex Dawnswift: I guess. But, if this keeps up, you might just run us out of cattle.
Before event, during cattle transfer
Tigh Snatchskull: C'mon, cows! Round up. I need to take you back to the boss. I don't want to get yelled at again.
Tigh Snatchskull: You cows are going to be part of the boss's experiment. He's researching a way to deliver food to troops in besieged territories!
Tigh Snatchskull: Consider yourselves a part of history in the making!
Tigh Snatchskull: We're almost there. Just a little further.
If all cows are defended throughout event
Mad Mardine: Let's hope you have a graceful landing, number one.
Mad Mardine: Not bad distance-wise, but it needs a bit more arc.
Mad Mardine: My practice disturbed the wildlife. They're after the cows!
Mad Mardine: Protect them! I need them for my research.
Mad Mardine: Okay, test subject number two. It's your turn!
Mad Mardine: With these adjustments, this cow will be soaring like a bird!
Mad Mardine: Hmmm. Too much velocity. Let me recalculate.
Mad Mardine: I need number three!
Mad Mardine: Off with you!
Mad Mardine: Send me number four please!
Mad Mardine: I have a good feeling about this one.
Mad Mardine: That looked better, but the cow didn't survive the landing.
Mad Mardine: Okay, give me number five. I saved the best test subject for last.
Mad Mardine: Don't let me down!
Mad Mardine: That one didn't survive either. Hmmm. This is going to require more research.
Randomly during event
Brown Cow: Moooooo!
Event success
Tigh Snatchskull: Those test subjects performed great, boss!
Mad Mardine: Indeed, they did. And I've got a few cows left in the reserve supply.
Tigh Snatchskull: What do you want to do with them, boss?
Mad Mardine: I feel like having a little fun. Get one ready!
Event failure
Mad Mardine: That was terrible! How do you expect the cattlepult to be completed at this rate? I need more cows!
Tigh Snatchskull: Already? Couldn't you try aiming the cattlepult somewhere else next time?
Mad Mardine: You question me? If I didn't need you to supply me with cows, I'd have you shot out of the cattlepult long ago!
Mad Mardine: You wouldn't survive the landing, of course, but I'd reanimate you and launch you again, and again, and AGAIN!
Mad Mardine: How's that sound?
Tigh Snatchskull: I'll go get you more cows!


  • After this event ends successfully, Mad Mardine will want to have some fun by launching cows and allowing the player to bet on how far they will go, with a chance to win a Flying Cow Token which can be sold for 1 Gold coin. No betting game takes place if the event fails. The offer to bet does not appear if the character has less than 50 Silver coin in inventory.
  • After the event ends players can gain access to the Vista on top of Moorwatch Tower by launching themselves up there using the Cattlepult.
  • Activate the Cattlepult to get launched to the roof of Moorwatch Tower. The Cattlepult can be activated for around 5 mins after the event.
  • This event cycle repeats continuously (approx every 11.5 mins).
This event often gets stalled after a few cows have been launched, which prevents the cattlepult from becoming operational. If this happens, you can try guesting to a different server.