The Viewing Hill

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The Viewing Hill

Point of Interest
Ascalon City Ruins
(Plains of Ashford)
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The Viewing Hill.jpg
The Viewing Hill

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The Viewing Hill is a point of interest within the Ascalon City Ruins. This small hill overlooks the ruins. When Ascalon City fell to the charr, Frye Fireburn and his warband, the Fireshadows, were tied to posts on this hill, allowing them to witness the full events that led up to King Adelbern unleashing the Foefire. Today the hill is occupied by Ascalonian ghosts, but a small plinth remains to commemorate Fireburn and his warband.


  • There is strong evidence to suggest that this is actually the spot of Althea's Actors Stage from the original Guild Wars. This is evidenced by the distance from the ruins of Ascalon and that if standing at the exact spot as seen in the photo taken on the right in Pre-Searing Ascalon, you will see the same view albeit a restored Ascalon and you will be standing in front of the stage. This would suggest that the Fireshadows were tied to the actual pillars from the stage.