Retrieve containment crystals from the skritt and return them to Scholar Dane

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Retrieve containment crystals from the skritt and return them to Scholar Dane

Interactive map

Interactive map

Retrieve containment crystals from the skritt and return them to Scholar Dane is a level 41 dynamic event that occurs in Kolkorensburg.



Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 2,404 Experience.png 203 Karma 47 Copper coin
Silver 2,043 Experience.png 173 Karma 40 Copper coin
Bronze 1,803 Experience.png 152 Karma 35 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 41 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Event starts
Lorrpaki: Look! Shinies!
Skritt: Big shinies! Let's take.
Lorrpaki: No, no. Not these. Not good. Remember? Humans said bad shinies, don't take.
Skritt: Humans want shinies! Take for selling. These are skritt shinies. Mine!
Lorrpaki: See? I told you shinies bad! Run!
Lorrpaki runs out to Landslide Lee
Lorrpaki: Help! Bad things. Help!
Scholar Dane: What is it, silly one?
Lorrpaki: Skritt take shinies. Rock shake. Door. Bad things. Hurt skritt.
Scholar Dane: Door? Ah, I suspected there were ancient portals in these hills. I'm going to see what they've found.
Scholar Rakel: You're not going into that cave, are you? It smells.
Scholar Dane: It's not so bad. Now an Orrian burnpile—that smells bad! Besides, they need help. How can I refuse?
Scholar Dane: Let's go, Horrpak.
Scholar Dane goes into the cave
Scholar Dane: You silly creatures. Those "shinies" are containment crystals.
Scholar Dane: They're used to keep dangerous portals sealed. They just need an alignment ritual to work.
Scholar Dane: Bring me some crystals. I'll prepare the ritual.
When Scholar Dane has enough crystals
Scholar Dane: Our time here is almost up. Bring me what you have.



  • Containment crystals may be obtained by talking to Skritt Foragers as well as picking them up from the ground.


  • The portal is an old, abandoned monument of the Jotun.
  • The Structure could be a portal to the mist or, more likely, directly to the underworld. Although nowhere in the event indicated, a Book in Godslost Swamp summons a Veteran Fleshreaver from the Underworld, just like this portal.