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Joko's Domain

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Joko's Domain

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Joko's Domain map.jpg
Map of Joko's Domain

Joko's Domain locator.svg
Location within The Desolation

Joko's Domain.jpg
Joko's Domain

Joko's Domain is an area in The Desolation and the heart of King Palawa Joko I's Elonian empire. Originally dominated around 757 AE, it has served as the home of The Bone Palace for over 500 years. Surrounded on all sides by the sulfurous sands of The Desolation, it is naturally defended against the living save for a few passageways. Abaddon's waning influence since his death in 1075 AE has reduced the toxicity of the sands, making the place more accessible than in ages past.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (tango icon).png Joko's Domain Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest.png Bitumen Reserve
Point of interest.png The Bone Palace
Vista.png Joko's Domain Vista —
Hero Challenges
Hero point.png The Bone Palace






Ambient dialogue[edit]

Near The Bone Palace
Awakened Soldier (1): Forged will be defeated soon.
Awakened Soldier (2): Balthazar's army will be broken.
Awakened Soldier (1): All of King Joko's enemies must be destroyed.
Awakened Soldier (1): When will King Joko return?
Awakened Soldier (2): Will return when ready to return.
Awakened Soldier (1): Good. Will be good when King Joko is back.
Awakened Soldier (1): How'd you die?
Awakened Soldier (2): Don't remember. You?
Awakened Soldier (1): Don't remember.
Awakened Soldier (2): Huh. Not important.
On the western side of the palace's court, right next to the throne chamber
Awakened Soldier (1): Do not like fighting Forged.
Awakened Soldier (2): Why not?
Awakened Soldier (1): No meat. No bones. No crunching.

Crafting resources[edit]

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Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Orichalcum Ore
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png Ancient Sapling
Wood resource (map icon).png Mebahya Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png Desert Vegetables
Plant resource (map icon).png Cluster of Desert Herbs
Plant resource (map icon).png Flax
Plant resource (map icon).png Lentils