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A hero challenge is a task that, when completed, rewards characters with a hero point. Hero challenges are locked for new accounts until a character reaches level 11.

Completing a hero challenge in Central Tyria grants a single hero point. Completing a hero challenge in the Heart of Maguuma, Crystal Desert or Cantha grants ten.

Completing all of an area's hero challenges is one of the four requirements to earning the corresponding explorer achievement.


There are several types of hero challenges:

  • Direct combat — defeat a single foe (usually an initially friendly one, who offers the challenge).
  • Horde combat — battle a veteran (in Central Tyria and the Crystal Desert) or champion (in the Heart of Maguuma) and several weaker enemies; usually summoned by activating an object.
  • Item challenges — an interactive object will give an item that can be consumed to receive a hero point; often located in hard to reach areas.
  • Communing with a place of power.
  • Dialogue - during a conversation with an NPC, choose the correct answers from a given selection of possible answers.
  • Minigame - complete a minigame challenge, such as Deputy Crackshot's hero challenge


Communing is the act of binding with, or gaining unique and powerful knowledge from, an object or "place of power", which is a place emanating magical power, such as sacred objects or areas of certain tribes, or possessing historical significance in Guild Wars lore. Places of power are frequently guarded by a Veteran enemy or a Champion enemy, which does not have to be defeated, but which can interfere and interrupt the channeling process, which requires a certain time to complete to gain the hero point.

Heroics Notary[edit]

The Heroics Notary in World versus World offers consumable items for Proofs of Heroics, Testimonies of Desert Heroics and Testimonies of Jade Heroics. These items will complete a random incomplete hero challenge in the associated region:

List of hero challenges[edit]

End of Dragons
Heart of Thorns
Path of Fire
World versus World

Map icons[edit]

Campaign Incomplete Incomplete today Complete Points awarded
Core Hero Challenge empty (map icon).png Hero Challenge infinite empty (map icon).png Hero Challenge (map icon).png Hero Challenge infinite (map icon).png 1
Heart of Maguuma
Crystal Desert
Hero Challenge empty (Heart of Thorns map icon).png Hero Challenge infinite empty (Heart of Thorns map icon).png Hero Challenge (Heart of Thorns map icon).png Hero Challenge infinite (Heart of Thorns map icon).png 10
  • Hero challenges released with the original game have yellow icons, and those added in later releases are green.
  • If a hero challenge has previously been completed, the icon becomes filled in, signifying that it has been complete in terms of contributing towards map completion.
  • Icons with the infinite symbol in the bottom right corner can be repeated - these are usually combat hero challenges.


In the text boxes for the various hero challenges throughout the map, the icons to start the "communing" ones are inconsistent and may be any of the following: a green check mark, a green arrow, or sometimes the crossed swords icon indicating the beginning of a fight with that particular NPC.
  • It is impossible to gain more than the one intended hero point from item challenges by stockpiling them in the account vault/bank, as consuming any of the same item (Cuatl Tonic, for example) a second time will cause it to simply disappear without rewarding another hero point.
  • Some challenges in the expansion maps are intended for a group due to their difficulty. It may be best to use Looking For Group to find other players.


  • Before June 23rd 2015, hero challenges were called skill challenges, which had a light blue chevron icon. Skill challenge.png
  • At one point during development, there were hero challenges in major cities such as Rata Sum.
  • There were 183 hero challenges during the first Beta Weekend Event, 176 during the second, 187 during the third, and 199 hero challenges during the August 2nd stress test.
  • As of the August 9th Stress Test there were 201 hero challenges.
  • As of the August 15th Stress Test there were 203 hero challenges.
  • As of launch day, 28th August 2012, there were 202 hero challenges.