Orgath Uplands

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Orgath Uplands

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Orgath Uplands map.jpg
Map of Orgath Uplands

The Orgath Uplands is a neutral ogre village in the Eternal Battlegrounds. This area includes a dynamic event that allies the ogres with whichever world helps defend their village against invading harpies the most.


Players may purchase blueprints from their ogre allies. The ogres will also attack or reinforce nearby camps. The ogres can allow an outnumbered group of players to take on a much larger one.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest.png Dragoss Kraal
Vista.png Dragos Kraal Vista —
Hero challenges
Hero point.png Harpy Nesting Grounds


  • Earn the village's favor.




Merchant (map icon).png Veteran Ogre Hunter