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Disambig icon.png This article is about the renown heart game mechanic. For the NPC service, see Renown Heart NPC.

Renown Hearts also called renown regions, tasks, task hearts, task regions or simply hearts, are fixed areas within an explorable zone that give a set of tasks for a player to assist with and provide a reward upon completion. A description of the tasks is listed under the heart name in the interface. Each renown heart area is anchored by Renown Heart NPC with supporting lore and local goals that need to be accomplished. Most zones have a few hearts scattered throughout that are required for map completion.

Players do not have to talk with the NPC to start a renown heart, although some hearts can be completed quicker by doing something found out by talking to the heart NPC. Hearts are reminiscent of traditional quests in other MMORPGs. Rather than being given as a checklist of tasks a player needs to do in sequence, players simply follow a list of possible actions or activities that contribute to the progress of an area's renown heart. Renown hearts provide static content in the absence of events. Much of the design of areas will have events and renown hearts overlap on contributing actions and lore. In most cases, there are a couple events in the vicinity of a renown heart which involve killing enemies that contribute to the renown heart. Hearts reflect regional, broadly accomplished, finite objectives for content, while events are dynamic, specific directives that may be encountered and consequently won or lost multiple times.

With the exception of Bloodstone Fen, Dragonfall and Dragon's End, all of the new maps introduced in Living World Season 3, Path of Fire, Living World Season 4 and End of Dragons also have Renown Hearts, with the difference from the originals being that these are repeatable each day after Server reset.

Certain zones do not have renown hearts. All cities lack renown hearts as well as skill challenges. Southsun Cove, the Maguuma Wastes, the Heart of Maguuma, most Ruins of Orr and all Icebrood Saga zones do not have renown hearts; instead they have large meta event chains encompassing the entirety of the zone.

Map icons[edit]

Incomplete — Task incomplete
Complete — Task complete

Partial completion is indicated by the heart icon being partially filled with yellow, from the bottom, acting as a vertical progress bar.

Completing renown hearts[edit]

Hearts are invisible on the map until you discover them. You can discover them by talking to a nearby scout, or walking into its range. When a player moves within range of a renown heart, the heart icon along with its description and progress meter all appear as an entry among other listings in the event assist column. Unlike events themselves, hearts are constant on the map once discovered, and will not vanish from the map when a character travels elsewhere. Progress on the heart can be started or stopped at any time; no NPC interaction is required to begin progress on a heart, although the progress on some hearts may be completed quicker by taking on a specific task found by talking to the NPC.

Progress can come from a wide variety of player actions, from simply killing foes to performing other tasks like watering plants or feeding cattle. Resurrecting NPC allies will always count toward a heart's progress, even if it's not mentioned explicitly in the task list, and often events in the nearby area can contribute to completion. Players are not obligated to participate in all contributing tasks to complete the heart, and may pick and choose tasks as they see fit. Curiously, taking down an enemy such as a world boss offers no progress to any nearby heart.

Though heart progress is displayed as a rising yellow bar on the heart icon, the exact percentage of completion is normally not displayed. There is one exception: being in a squad with "view as grid" unselected will display a heart icon next to your name in the squad UI, which you can hover over to view completion percentage. The progress of other members of your squad or party may also be tracked in this manner.

Repeatable renown hearts[edit]

Renown heart repeatable (incomplete).png

With Living World Season 3, a new kind of Renown Heart was introduced. The repeatable Renown Hearts reset their progress each day, if completed, on server reset, enabling players to earn the rewards for completing them again. However, they will not reset progress if not completed, nor will they reset progress towards map completion at server reset. As long as the Renown Heart has been completed, it will always be considered completed for the purposes of map completion. Rewards for map completion cannot be obtained more than once. Repeatable Renown Hearts are present in Living World Season 3, Crystal Desert, Living World Season 4 and Canthan maps.

Repeatable Renown Hearts can be identified by the infinity symbol at the base of the heart. If the Renown Heart does not have the infinity symbol, it has not yet been completed once on that character.


The completion popup

Once a heart is completed, players are rewarded with experience and receive a popup from an NPC expressing gratitude and containing karma and money. Additionally, the Renown Heart NPC will begin selling karma goods. These goods will vary by NPC, with rewards including consumables, recipes, weapons, armor, etc. These goods may be purchased at any time afterwards as long as players have sufficient karma for the purchase. Completing a heart will also contribute to both area-wide and total percentages of map completion.


The karma reward starts at 90 karma at level 2 and increases an average of 7.5 per level. The reward increases by 8 for level 1 and 2, then increases by 7 for level 3 and 4, repeating this pattern every 4 levels.

Level Karma Level Karma Level Karma Level Karma Level Karma Level Karma Level Karma Level Karma
1 82 11 158 21 232 31 308 41 382 51 458 61 532 71 608
2 90 12 165 22 240 32 315 42 390 52 465 62 540 72 615
3 98 13 172 23 248 33 322 43 398 53 472 63 548 73 622
4 105 14 180 24 255 34 330 44 405 54 480 64 555 74 630
5 112 15 188 25 262 35 338 45 412 55 488 65 562 75 638
6 120 16 195 26 270 36 345 46 420 56 495 66 570 76 645
7 128 17 202 27 278 37 352 47 428 57 502 67 578 77 652
8 135 18 210 28 285 38 360 48 435 58 510 68 585 78 660
9 142 19 218 29 292 39 368 49 442 59 518 69 592 79 668
10 150 20 225 30 300 40 375 50 450 60 525 70 600 80 675


  • The number of hearts shown on map varied during beta:
    • Beta Weekend Event 1 — 232 renown hearts
    • Beta Weekend Event 2 — 265 renown hearts
    • Beta Weekend Event 3 — 300 renown hearts
    • August 2nd stress test — 301 renown hearts
    • August 9th stress test — 302 renown hearts
    • August 15th stress test — 301 renown hearts
  • The completion of a heart used to generate a game mail. Currently, a heart/coin icon shows up in the lower right of the user interface, and by clicking that heart icon, the player can open a window to read the "mail" message and accept reward for the completion.