The Shadowhorns

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The Shadowhorns

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The Shadowhorns map.jpg
Map of The Shadowhorns

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The Shadowhorns is an area found within Wayfarer Foothills. It holds several hot springs that are used by travelers to relax.

Path to the vista.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Zelechor Hot Springs Waypoint —
Vista (map icon).png The Shadowhorns Vista —
The vista is best reached by going up the mountain, halfway between the Twinspur Haven waypoint and the Zelechor Hot Springs waypoint. A small white coloured edge (snow) will indicate the place to walk up the mountain.
Hero Challenges
Hero point.png Burrisson the Blue (8)
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Zelechor Hot Springs





Merchant (vendor icon).png Agmund


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Laki the Lonely: I'm on a hunt. And you're gonna be my prey.
Saldis Razortongue: Looks like you're going home alone, tiger.
Laki the Lonely: You up for a roll in the hay?
Saldis Razortongue: Not cool enough.
Saldis Razortongue: Go roll in the snow.
Laki the Lonely: So...what's your totem? I'm a child of Wolf. And I'm on the prowl.
Saldis Razortongue: I'm a child of Bear. And I kill wolves.
Laki the Lonely: I've been waiting for a girl like you. No, really. I've been soaking here for about eight hours
Saldis Razortongue: Keep soaking.
Laki the Lonely: Hey, miss. You waiting for someone, or were you waiting for me?
Saldis Razortongue: Yeah, I was waiting for an idiot. And then you showed up.
Laki the Lonely: Can I get you a drink? Or five drinks? Or a keg?
Saldis Razortongue: I could drink five kegs, and I still wouldn't choose you.
Laki the Lonely: Need me to dry you off?
Saldis Razortongue: You need to dry up and blow away.
Laki the Lonely: Hey, sweet thing. You alone?
Saldis Razortongue: No. There's an idiot talking to me, and he's gonna stop now.
Laki the Lonely: You know what I like around here? The scenery. Like you: beautiful.
Saldis Razortongue: You know what I hate about this place? All the pests.
Laki the Lonely: You're the girl of my dreams.
Saldis Razortongue: Give it up, stupid.
Laki the Lonely: How about you and me?.
Saldis Razortongue: That reminds me of something my incredibly jealous, murderously violent husband said the other day.
Laki the Lonely: Good news. I'm available.
Saldis Razortongue: Hard to believe you're still single. I expected some girl to have killed you by now.
Laki the Lonely: Hey, look! There's plenty of room in this hot spring for two.
Saldis Razortongue: Hey, look! I still have my sword. Maybe I'll use it on the next thing that annoys me.
Laki the Lonely: You thinking of settling down or…heating things up?
Saldis Razortongue: Save it for the moot. I'm here to relax
Laki the Lonely: Hey. Have you been watching me?
Saldis Razortongue: Did you say something? I was busy actively ignoring you.
Laki the Lonely: I like long walks in the snow.
Saldis Razortongue: I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. I was just waiting for my girlfriend.
Laki the Lonely: Can I get you anything?
Saldis Razortongue: Go get me a drink. Better yet, get yourself one and drink it somewhere else.
Laki the Lonely: This must be your lucky day.
Saldis Razortongue: Actions speak louder than words. I'm about ready to punch you in the face.

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Copper Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png Aspen Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png Blueberry Bush
Plant resource (map icon).png Onions
Plant resource (map icon).png Herb Seedlings