Help U.N.I.T. find and destroy the Inquest

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Help U.N.I.T. find and destroy the Inquest

Event maps
UNIT mission path.jpg

U.N.I.T.'s route during the event

Help U.N.I.T. find and destroy the Inquest is a level 25 dynamic event that starts in the south of Toxal Bog by speaking to the Broken Golem and leads to Thaumacore Inquiry Center in Duskstruck Moors.


The Broken Golem before it gets activated as "U.N.I.T.".
  • U.N.I.T.
  • Event bar.jpg Event shield (tango icon).png
  • Clear the Inquest from the lab interior.
  • Inquest Holding Cell
  • Event bar.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Destroy the Inquest holding cell, and free Wistt.


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 1,037 Experience.png 130 Karma.png 30 Copper coin
Silver 881 Experience.png 111 Karma.png 26 Copper coin
Bronze 778 Experience.png 98 Karma.png 23 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 25 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Event starts
U.N.I.T.: Initializing. Error. Initialization—failed. Begin—essential—internal—diagnostics.
U.N.I.T.: ♪music♪
U.N.I.T.: Memory—matrix—analysis—complete. Scanning—recent—events.
U.N.I.T.: Sustained—damage—in—reactor—explosion. Analyzing—data—collected—during—explosion—event.
U.N.I.T.: Analysis—complete. Cause: sabotage. Perpetrators: Inquest. Initiating—secondary—protocol.
U.N.I.T.: Inquest—saboteurs—detected. Elimination—mode—engaged.
Upon reaching Thaumacore Inquiry Center
U.N.I.T.: Inquest—saboteurs—identified. Attention: you—have—committed—criminal—acts—against—life—and—property. Surrender—or—be—neutralized.
U.N.I.T.: ♪music♪
U.N.I.T.: Surrender—not—evident. Preparing—neutralization—subroutine.
U.N.I.T.: Integrity—within—acceptable—parameters. Resuming—neutralization—subroutine.
If U.N.I.T. is sufficiently down on health
U.N.I.T.: Integrity—compromised. System—repairs—initiated.
If U.N.I.T. is defeated during the event
U.N.I.T.: Error. Operation—compromised. Shutdown—sequence—initial—
Upon event completion
U.N.I.T.: Master—Wistt! UNIT—was—not—aware—of—your—survival. Secondary—protocols—deactivated. Awaiting—further—instructions.
Wistt: Yes, yes. Thank you for finding me. My colleagues scoffed at my secondary protocol, but who's laughing now?
After Wistt is done being a merchant
Wistt: Now, let's return to Rata Sum before these cretins get reinforcements.
Wistt: Might I recommend a strategic withdrawal?


1 player = 1 giant
2-3 players = 2 giants
4-5 players = 3 giants
6-8 players = 4 giants
9-20+ players = 5 giants
30+ players = 6 giants
  • U.N.I.T. respawns after 7 minutes if the event fails and 12 minutes if the event succeeds. However, after success, Wistt will be a merchant for 2 minutes.
  • If U.N.I.T skips the Inquest Assistant and the Mark II Golem and enters through the north door into the final room, and instead engages inquest inside the final room and enters though the east door, it proceeds to clear the room and free Wistt from his cell, but stays in combat mode as if the room is still not cleared, causing the event to not proceed to the final dialogue and progress to its final phase. If this happens you can unstick it yourself but getting UNIT killed. To do this, just kite in enemies near UNIT and he will attack them. You will need to get several. If you can get the Prototype Robot and 1 other, that will work.
  • It is possible to gain contribution for this dynamic event, for simply waiting at U.N.I.T's spawn point area.