Devourer's Mouth

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Devourer's Mouth

Devourer's Mouth map.jpg
Map of Devourer's Mouth

Devourer's Mouth locator.svg
Location within Plains of Ashford

Plains of Ashford
Connects to
Lake Feritas (E)
Gunbreach Hills (S)
Tela Range (W)

Devourer's Mouth.jpg

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Devourer's Mouth is an area located northeast of the Village of Smokestead in the Plains of Ashford. Like the name suggests, the place is swarming with devourers.

Locations and objectives[edit]





Merchant (vendor icon).png Drottot Lashtail (3)




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Destr Hearteater: I have a question. Do devourers like human meat? What about sylvari? Asura?
Drottot Lashtail: Your normal devourer will eat just about anything. That's why you need to train it properly, or it'll eat you.
Destr Hearteater: What about devourer poison?
Drottot Lashtail: Devourers will eat and poison just about anything. Doubly so, if they're angry.
Aghmara Heartseeker: Is it true we'll be able to train any devourer we see in the wild?
Drottot Lashtail: Burn my fur, no! We only train devourers in controlled situations. Never, ever approach a devourer in the wild.
Aghmara Heartseeker: But...
Drottot Lashtail: No. Just no.
Virra Heartstab: Are the devourer babies going to have a warband?
Drottot Lashtail: Devourlings aren't like us. They don't get warbands. No.
Virra Heartstab: Why?
Drottot Lashtail: Because they're warbeasts, Warbeasts don't have warbands.
Virra Heartstab: Why?
Drottot Lashtail: Because that's just how it is!
Drottot Lashtail: And that's why you don't put your hand in the devourer's mouth. Okay, next question.
Virra Heartstab: Me, me! I heard you could stop a charging devourer by rearing up on your legs and screaming. Is that true?
Drottot Lashtail: You'll definitely get it to stop. It'll stop right on top of you and eat your screaming muzzle right off your face.
Virra Heartstab: Cool!
Destr Hearteater: Cool!
Aghmara Heartseeker: Cool!
Virra Heartstab: Do we get to take a baby devourer back to the fahrar with us?
Drottot Lashtail: No, you certainly do not. The fahrar workers would kill me in my sleep if I let you.
Virra Heartstab: Awww. But, I'll take care of it.
Drottot Lashtail: I said no.