Slay the Shatterer

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Slay the Shatterer

Interactive map

Interactive map

Slay the Shatterer is a group event that occurs in the Lowland Burns in Blazeridge Steppes. It occurs as the final part of the meta event Kralkatorrik's Legacy.


  • The Shatterer
  • Event bar.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Time limit: 15:00


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 3,859 Experience.png 243 Karma 56 Copper coin
Silver 3,280 Experience.png 207 Karma 48 Copper coin
Bronze 2,895 Experience.png 183 Karma 42 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 50 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.

Event Schedule[edit]

Event Start Countdown Zone Area Waypoint link
The Shatterer 01:00 ... Blazeridge Steppes Lowland Burns
The Shatterer 04:00 ... Blazeridge Steppes Lowland Burns
The Shatterer 07:00 ... Blazeridge Steppes Lowland Burns
The Shatterer 10:00 ... Blazeridge Steppes Lowland Burns
The Shatterer 13:00 ... Blazeridge Steppes Lowland Burns
The Shatterer 16:00 ... Blazeridge Steppes Lowland Burns
The Shatterer 19:00 ... Blazeridge Steppes Lowland Burns
The Shatterer 22:00 ... Blazeridge Steppes Lowland Burns


The Shatterer will land north of Waypoint (map icon).png Lowland Burns Waypoint after the two pre-events have been completed and the NPCs make their way back to the base situated at the waypoint. Lowland Burns Waypoint will remain uncontested while the Shatterer is spawned, unlike most other waypoints next to world boss spawns.

During the whole fight, players have access to the turrets, mortars, and launchpads.

  • The turret gives you two abilities:  Sight beyond Sight (First Mate Horrik).png Bombard, a single target bomb attack that knocks back; and  Powder Keg (skill).png Shrapnel Shell, a AoE bleed and cripple bomb attack. The impact damage of the two attacks is identical; the main difference is that the first skill inflicts instant breakbar damage while the second inflicts greater actual damage thanks to the bleeding.
  • The mortar gives you two abilities:  Bombard (skill).png Mortar Volley and  Med Kit.png Med Kit Volley.
  • The launchpad launches players into the air. Players that have Glider Basics will be able to glide mid-jump and gain access to three skills,  Bomb.png Drop Bombs,  Throw Bandages.png Drop Med Kits, and  Bandage Self.png Consume Med Kit.

If the Shatterer targets a player with Shatterer Lightning Field.png Shatterer Lightning Field while gliding, he will hit that player with an attack that will knock them out of the sky, potentially kill them. The Shatterer also has a slamming attack which sends out a wave of crystals which do high damage, and a roar which sends burning AoE and summons large numbers of spawns, including champions.

The Shatterer's Defiance bar

Periodically, the Shatterer's breakbar will change from segmented grey to teal, and if it is not broken before the window time expires he will become untargetable and use his Shard Storm attack.

It is advised to gather as many players as possible around the glider pads about 15 seconds in advance to allow coordination prior to each jump. Jumps should be done about 5 seconds before breakbar appears. The most common times for jumps are 14:15, 12:15, 9:45, 7:45 (see below for more information).

Pulsating Crystals

Beginning at 50% health, the Shatterer will use a skill every few minutes where he becomes Invulnerable and summons 5 Pulsating Crystals placed throughout the battlefield that will regenerate his health at a rapid rate. All players in the fight will receive a notification just before they are summoned. Each crystal has a Defiance bar that must be broken before they will take any significant damage, at which point they can be quickly destroyed. Once all crystals are destroyed the Shatterer will become susceptible to damage again.

Breakbar and Crystals times

Breakbar and Crystals rotation is split in 2 parts: before first set of crystals and after first set of crystals.

Rotation before first set of crystals
Common 14:12 12:10 ...
Very rare 14:12 12:08 ...
Very rare 14:07 11:29 ...

The one after first set of crystals depends on time when they appear. A 1-2 second variance is common, but sometimes the big purple dragon doesn't follow this schedule.

Rotation after first set of crystals (only for common rotation from the previous table)
First crystals B C B C B Latest kill in the datasets
13:10 12:10 10:35 (12 Feb 2018, 01:00AM UTC)
12:50-12:53 11:50 9:51 9:06 8:45
12:50 11:28 9:45 8:35
12:50 (first flight 14:12) 12:10 10:20
12:45 11:22 9:40 8:40
12:35 11:17 9:25 8:13 7:34
12:20 11:17 9:20 8:17 7:28
12:15 11:12 9:15 8:11 7:16
12:10 11:06 9:09 8:06 7:15
11:25-11:30 9:38-9:42 8:17-8:20 7:34-7:36 5:18
11:13 9:50 8:13 6:55 5:55
11:08 Not enough data
10:55-10:57 9:39 7:47 6:39-6:43 4:46 3:37 2:25
Later Not enough data


Crystal Healing Denier[edit]

Crystal Healing Denier The Shatterer 6Achievement points
Destroy 20 pulsating crystal nodes during the Shatterer battle.Healing crystals? Sounds like a scam... Destroyed 1 Pulsating Crystal Node during the Shatterer Battle 1Achievement points
Destroyed 10 Pulsating Crystal Nodes during the Shatterer Battle 2Achievement points
Destroyed 20 Pulsating Crystal Nodes during the Shatterer Battle 3Achievement points
  • Once the Shatterer reaches 50% health points, he will spawn 5 Pulsating Crystals placed throughout the battlefield. Destroying the crystals advances the achievement. These crystals take significantly reduced damage while their Defiance bar is unbroken. It is recommended that players bring some crowd control with them in order to destroy these crystals quickly.
Burns Blunder achievement location

Burns Blunder[edit]

Burns Blunder The Shatterer 10Achievement points
Stand in the wrong place when the Shatterer Lands.Incoming! Stood in the Wrong Place when the Shatterer Landed 10Achievement points
  • Head North from Waypoint (map icon).png Lowland Burns Waypoint, past the Mortar and Turrets. The Shatterer will land just North of the dead tree on the Western side. Your character needs to die to earn the achievement, so it is suggested to remove your gear.
  • You can get the achievement while mounted, too, though it would be a good idea to use the mount with less health than the Siege Turtle.


Medic! The Shatterer 10Achievement points
Provide med kits to your allies using the mortars or the glider bomber kit.The only time it's wise to run toward the sound of mortars. 1 Provided Med Kits to Your Allies using the Mortars or the Glider Bomber Kit 1Achievement points
10 Provided Med Kits to Your Allies using the Mortars or the Glider Bomber Kit 2Achievement points
25 Provided Med Kits to Your Allies using the Mortars or the Glider Bomber Kit 3Achievement points
50 Provided Med Kits to Your Allies using the Mortars or the Glider Bomber Kit 4Achievement points
  • Using the mortar, the player is able to access the ability required for this achievement. Interact with one of the mortars and use the Med Kit Volley skill near the cluster of players that tend to gather near his front feet.
  • If the player owns Heart of Thorns and has basic gliding unlocked, they could also use one of the launch pads. While gliding during this fight, you will be given additional skills that can be used. Two of which are functionally the same as the mortar skills. Using the Drop Med Kits skill will also count towards the achievement.

Shattering Setup[edit]

Shattering Setup The Shatterer 3Achievement points
Use the mortar, turret, and jump pad at Lowland Burns during the Shatterer fight.BOOM! Used 1 of the 3 1Achievement points
Used the Mortar, Turret, and Jump Pad during the Shatterer Fight 2Achievement points

Lightning Reflexes[edit]

Lightning Reflexes The Shatterer 10Achievement points
Dodge the Shatterer's Focused Lightning Attack 40 times while gliding.Faster than greased lightning! Dodged the Shatterer's Focused Lightning Attack 1 Time while Gliding 1Achievement points
Dodged the Shatterer's Focused Lightning Attack 15 Times while Gliding 4Achievement points
Dodged the Shatterer's Focused Lightning Attack 40 Times while Gliding 5Achievement points

No-Fly Zone[edit]

No-Fly Zone The Shatterer 6Achievement points
Break the Shatterer's defiance bar 20 times, preventing its Shard Storm attack.Get down here; we're not done with you! Grounded the Shatterer 1 Time 1Achievement points
Grounded the Shatterer 5 Times 2Achievement points
Grounded the Shatterer 20 Times 3Achievement points
  • Every so often, the Shatterer’s defiance bar changes from grey to teal. Breaking this bar prevents him from casting his Shard Storm attack and grants progress towards this achievement. Gliding during this fight grants players the Drop Bombs ability, which is considered a crowd control. Players with the Heart of Thorns expansion and gliding basics unlocked are advised to use the launch pads just prior to the bar becoming breakable.

Smash the Dragon[edit]

Smash the Dragon The Shatterer 5Achievement points
Complete the fight without the Shatterer ever taking off and using Shard Storm.Shattered wings. Completed the Shatterer Fight without it Taking Off to Use Shard Storm 5Achievement points
  • This achievement requires the players to break the defiance bar every time during a single fight for the achievement. As with the No-Fly Zone achievement, it is recommended that players with Heart of Thorns unlocked use the launch pads just prior to the defiance bar turning teal.






Before event starts
Warmaster Smoketail: It's too quiet. I need something to disembowel. (laugh)
Event starts
Vigil Crusader: It's down! Fire the siege engines! Go, go, go!
Before using the breath attack
Vigil Crusader: Is it gonna breathe? It is, it's breathing! Watch out for the fire! Move, move, move!
Before using Impale
Vigil Crusader: Be ready to move—here comes the ground shake!
When it imprisons players
Vigil Crusader: Get everyone out of the crystals! They're going to explode!

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