Molevekian Delve

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Molevekian Delve

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Molevekian Delve map.jpg
Map of Molevekian Delve

Molevekian Delve locator.svg
Location within Eternal Battlegrounds

Molevek Works.jpg
Molevekian Delve

Molevekian Delve is an area between Speldan Clearcut and Rogue's Quarry and is home to a group of dredge, who are under attack by destroyers. Help them by killing the destroyers or reviving downed dredge, and they will help your team by attacking or defending nearby camps.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Molevek Worksloading…
Hero challenges
Hero point.png Dredge Furnace




Merchant (vendor icon).png Caster




  • Molevekian Delve was originally named Molevek Works, however at some point the name was changed.