Stop the krait from destroying hylek eggs

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Stop the krait from destroying hylek eggs

Michoan Marsh
(Metrica Province)
Event type
Event shield (tango icon).png Dynamic event
Interactive map

Interactive map

Stop the krait from destroying hylek eggs is a level 11 dynamic event that occurs in Michoan Marsh.


  • Hylek eggs remaining: 11
  • Waves Defeated
  • Event bar empty2.jpg


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 497 Experience.png 68 Karma 16 Copper coin
Silver 423 Experience.png 58 Karma 13 Copper coin
Bronze 373 Experience.png 51 Karma 12 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 11 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.
  • Tortugatl will open his shop until the next krait attack.






Event start
Tortugatl: Thieving krait! Don't let them hurt our eggs!
During event
Tortugatl: We need to maintain control here.
Tortugatl: The krait will know pain!
Tortugatl: Looks like more fighting!
Tortugatl: Show them no mercy!
Tortugatl: More coming! Hold them off!
Tortugatl: Krait will die before I let them touch our spawn. Let them rot in the sun!
Event success

(If no eggs were lost)

Villager: We did it! Not a single egg was lost!
Tortugatl: Today is a good day! We have a victory to be proud of. I have a good feeling about these fortunate eggs.
Villager: Yes, they'll grow into strong hunters with us watching over them.


Villager: The krait have fled! We stopped them.
Villager: Some of our eggs were lost, but we have saved so many more.
Tortugatl: Remember this story for the future hatchlings. It will help shape them into the hunters they need to be.
Event failure
Tortugatl: Our eggs and future are lost.
Villager: We have failed you, little ones. Forgive us!
Villager: This is a sad, sad day.


The krait may not always start spawning, stalling the event.