Phasmatis Corridor

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Phasmatis Corridor

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Map of Phasmatis Corridor

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Location within Plains of Ashford

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Phasmatis Corridor

Phasmatis Corridor is an area found within the Plains of Ashford. It is east of Agnos Gorge and southwest of the Ascalon City Ruins. It houses a Durmand Priory camp, Ghostsummit, and the entrance to the Ascalonian Catacombs, a level 30 dungeon.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
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Point of interest.png
Swordcross Outpost
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Phasmatis Waypoint —
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Ascalonian Catacombs Waypoint —
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Ascalonian Catacombs





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Artair Rex Mari
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Clepta Calceus
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Tyranea the Unyielding


Ambient creature

Ambient dialogue[edit]

At Ghostsummit
Archeologist: They've almost finished surveying the Brand.
Archivist: Did they use the Zeck or the Slashmind method?
Archeologist: They couldn't agree, so they're doing both.
Archivist: More data is better. You can never have too much information.
Archeologist: But at what cost? We're losing people every week for this damned research.
Archeologist: Did you transcribe those old letters like I asked?
Archivist: Yes. They contained information about the flight of the dragon - its path and the aftermath.
Archeologist: Did they confirm its speed?
Archivist: Nothing conclusive.
Archeologist: Survivor reports are so rare. It burns my tail.
Archivist: How many folks do you think paused to write a journal entry in the chaos?
Archeologist: I mean afterwards. Those who weren't consumed were so traumatized, their accounts are completely unreliable.
Researcher: I'm glad you joined us. We're surrounded by danger, but it's well worth the risk.
Gyron Slagskimmer: I'm here to collect Ascalonian artifacts that we can use against the ghosts.
Researcher: We're here to study the past and learn from it, not to secure some sort of tactical military advantage.
Gyron Slagskimmer: Speak for yourself, scholar.
Enchanter: The Priory has chosen this site for a future spire. I am to conduct a full survey.
Researcher: I would dispute the wisdom of that decision, but I'm certain the survey results themselves will dissuade the Priory.
Enchanter: These are the ruins of Ascalon, my esteemed friend. History is alive here.
Researcher: Dead, you mean. Adelbern's soldiers are forever chained to warfare. The knowledge they have to share is at the tip of a spectral sword.
Researcher: The enchanter is scouting ours as an appropriate gateway location.
Scribe: Indeed? I hope his report details all the myriad dangers and obstacles.
Researcher: I'm sure it will. We should also introduce him to our guardian.
Scribe: Brilliant. The guardian's unique form of courtesy will surely make him feel at home.
Enchanter: These are ruins of a thriving human kingdom. The charr have no claim on anything we find here.
Gyron Slagskimmer: We have a claim on the kingdom itself, mouse. It was ours first.
Enchanter: Yes, well, on that we must agree to disagree.
Scribe: The scholar asks if you would accompany me up onto the rocks to record a panoramic view of the terrain.
Gyron Slagskimmer: (growl) How about I throw you?


Siege weapons

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes