Bear Shaman

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Bear Shamans are norn who have dedicated themselves to Bear's teachings.


Shiverpeak Mountains

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Swipe Swipe - Melee auto-attack
  • Brutal Swipe Brutal Swipe - Melee attack that inflicts vulnerability
  • Heavy Swipe Heavy Swipe - Melee attack that knocks back
  • Maul Maul - Slashes repeatedly at enemies
  • Roar Roar - Attack that grants 3 stack of might to itself and allies
Stolen skills


Female shamans greets
Bear stands tall and unwavering.
Embrace the Bear.
Good hunting!
Honor Bear, and be strong.
Welcome, friend.
Male shamans greets
Good hunting!
How're you doing?
I can see you've traveled far.
Raven told me you'd be coming.
You're young to be so confident.
Bear listens, but does not always answer.
Honor Bear, and be strong.
Hunt with the strength of Bear.
Lacking vigor? Bear can provide.


  • The Bear Shaman in Lion's Arch walks a loop that varies, but includes the Armorsmithing Station, the Mystic Forge, the Black Lion Trading Post, and the Account Vault.

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