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Disambig icon.png This article is about zone portals. For other uses, see Portal.
A zone portal.

Zone portals are specific places at the edges of explorable zones which connect neighboring maps. Instanced areas are usually entered through special interactable portals. A blue icon on the map, Asura gate starter area (map icon).png, indicates that map completion on the current zone is complete and that the next map has more to explore.


  • A red circle with a slash through it, Closed.png, that a portal is closed, locked or otherwise out-of-service.
  • Most portals are permanent, but some are temporary, and will dissipate after some defined duration. An example of this would be the Mysterious Portal in Dierdre's Steps.



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  • In most pre-release beta builds, ArenaNet restricted players to certain zones by disabling the portals leading out of those zones; this was indicated by a red symbol over the portal.

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