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Quinn is a human and close friend of human characters who chose the street rat background. After the human characters' introductory instance, Defending Shaemoor, Priestess Amelia, who was tending to the player while unconscious, tells the player that Quinn had come to visit. Shortly after, Quinn sends the player a note asking for your help, which leads to The Perils of Friendship.


Quinn often works with Two-Blade Pete's gang, and considers Pete a friend, despite the Hero of Shaemoor trying to convince him otherwise. He has looked up to the Hero since they were kids, and they have stolen various items, such as old lady Culligan's blackberry tarts, together in the past.

While the Hero of Shaemoor was recovering from Defending Shaemoor, Quinn was supposed to back up Riot Alice. However, since he didn't help her, she was caught by the Widowmakers. When Two-Blade Pete threatens Quinn, the Hero bails him out and promises to recover Alice from the Widowmakers. After saving Alice, Quinn continues to work for Pete, despite the Hero trying to get him out.

Quinn then goes to help the other bandits in Pete's gang with the Apothecary job. When ordered to kill the Apothecary, Quinn refused, leading to Quinn and the Hero fighting off bandits to defend the Apothecary. When Quinn finds out that the Hero is working with the Seraph, he's taken aback, insisting that "you can't trust the law". He runs off when the Seraph arrive, telling the Hero that he'll lay low until this all blows over.

At the end of Going Undercover, the Hero must decide to save Quinn or to go to Grenth's Spoke to stop the bandits from poisoning the water of Divinity's Reach. If the Hero decides to stop the bandits and abandon Quinn, Quinn is killed by Crusher Dan before the events of The Greater Good. The Hero then asks Logan for his help killing Two-Blade Pete.

If the Hero decides to save Quinn, they find him cowering in a stable in Claypool. After defeating Crusher Dan, Quinn and the Hero escape Claypool and agree to meet back at the Merchant's Coin tavern in the Salma District to fight Two-Blade Pete.

If Quinn is still alive, he meets the Hero along with Logan at the tavern. Quinn insists that he's ready to take care of Pete and that he's just shaking in excitement. The two of them fight off bandits, and Logan helps them kill Two-Blade Pete. After the fight, Quinn narrowly escapes jail due to aiding the Seraph, and he promises Logan he'll stay out of trouble.

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I've been keeping an eye out for you.
There you are. Heard anything new?
Hey you.
Oh, hey. What's up?
Shh. Keep it down. Seraph's got ears everywhere.