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Disambig icon.png This article is about the human. For the norn, see Petra (child).

Families look out for each other. You're like family, too. I'm not losing either of you. Not without a fight.


Petra is a commoner who can be found in Andrew's tavern in Salma District. She is Innkeeper Andrew's daughter and has a strong sense of justice, willing to fight for it with the assistance of a weapon she has nicknamed Ms. Timber.


Petra was born as the daughter of Innkeeper Andrew in Salma District and became close friends with the Hero of Shaemoor of a commoner background. As youths she and the commoner Hero often visited Queensdale and rode Rancher Mepi's moa herd. As she grew up, she began helping her father manage the Merchant's Coin tavern. Following the centaur raid on the Village of Shaemoor in 1325 AE, Petra and her father visited the recovering Hero who had been injured while fighting against the centaurs alongside Logan Thackeray.

Big Nose Ted's bandit gang began frequenting the tavern and drunkenly threatened Andrew with violence when the innkeeper did not serve them drinks, prompting Petra and the Hero to defend Andrew and brawl with the bandits. The commotion attracted the Ministry Guard to the scene of the crime, and Commander Serentine threatened to arrest everyone involved in the brawl if not for the timely intervention of Logan who spoke on the Hero's behalf. Andrew had been injured and required expensive medical treatment, leading the Hero to fetch the medicine from the Seraph with Logan's blessing while Petra initially stayed behind to tend to her father.

While Andrew was recovering, however, Petra went after the Hero and learned that bandits had stolen the needed medicine from the Seraph. She met with the Hero at Bandithaunt Caverns and insisted on coming along, pointing out that the Hero had just gotten out of the hospital and that she would do whatever she could to both protect the Hero and save her father. Reminiscing about their time at Mepi's ranch, the pair startled the birds and used the resulting distraction to their advantage to enter deeper into the caves.

They came across Twitchy Jake, one of Big Nose Ted's minions whom the Ministry Guard had arrested earlier at the tavern, much to their surprise. After a brief clash, the pair defeated Jake who surrendered and allowed the pair to get their hands on the medicine. However, Twitchy Jake used the opportunity to ambush them, leading to a second brawl which ended in his death. With the medicine secure, the Hero hurried to the Seraph while Petra returned to check up on her father. The Hero later reunited with Petra and Andrew, giving medicine to the latter. By the time Logan and Countess Anise visited the tavern to ask the Hero more about the arrested bandits roaming free instead of being in jail, Petra marveled at Anise's beauty and wondered whether she should raise the drink prices if nobility began frequenting the tavern.

The Seraph eventually discovered a bandit plot to assault both the orphanage and the hospital found in Salma District. Following the Hero's choice to aid one of the two establishments and successfully defeating Big Nose Ted for good, Petra lamented the destruction the bandits had caused but thanked the Hero for helping people in need.

Petra also witnessed a showdown between Two-Blade Pete and another potential Hero of Shaemoor of the street rat background. She congratulated the street rat Hero for ending Pete's reign of terror, promising to tell the tale of their duel to everyone she came across.

Later, a carnival led by the Ringmaster came to Divinity's Reach, and Petra was one of the citizens attending it and took Andrew with her to raise his spirits. She expressed concern over her father's recovery, but Andrew assured her that he was fine. Petra was impressed by Madame Gilda's fortunetelling and wondered if the madame also saw a handsome man in her future, but Gilda told her that she would inspire others through dark times.

The sudden escape of the aggressive Pernicious Viper put the show to a halt, however, until the commoner Hero of Shaemoor jumped in to defeat it. Petra focused on protecting her father but lamented afterwards that she would have also wanted to fight alongside the Hero. When asked about a missing boy whose disappearance the Hero was investigating, Petra confessed not knowing anything about him but suggested that the Hero talk to the circus people about the boy in case they knew something.

Petra later attended another circus performance when she received a letter seemingly sent by the Hero which instructed a rendezvous there, only to witness the audience start acting strangely. When she met with the Hero, she was confused by the Hero claiming not having written the letter until the Hero explained that the Ringmaster had actually turned out to be evil and intended to gather a big crowd to hypnotize it. Petra joined the Hero's side as they confronted the Ringmaster alongside Logan and the Seraph and prevailed by defeating the Ringmaster and his minions. Petra was excited to let her father know about the Hero's deeds while also offering inspiring words to the Hero before they parted ways.

When the Pact formed and began the invasion of Orr to take down the Elder Dragon Zhaitan who was threatening all of Tyria, Petra did her part in the war effort as a civilian by having care packages delivered to soldiers recruited from Divinity's Reach who had been sent to the front lines.[1]



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It's always wonderful to see you again, <Character name>. Come have a drink?
Talk more option tango.png Maybe some other time Petra. Tell your father I said hello.
I will. He speaks so highly of you-you should hear how he brags when your name comes up at the bar!
Talk end option tango.png I'm glad to hear that.
Talk end option tango.png I'd love to visit with you. but I'm needed elsewhere. Maybe later?




  1. ^ The Steel Tide Tactician Beirne: Petra sent a care package. Her tangleberry pie is a little taste of home.