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Malomedies is a Firstborn sylvari of the Cycle of Night and its Luminary. He is an astronomer and mathematician, credited with charting the skies and bringing mathematics to the sylvari. He also works to predict the future through current events—as he calls, a "watcher of the world." He was the first sylvari to meet with another race, the asura, who promptly experimented on him. He is very private, much like others born in his cycle, but his students consider him a stern and caring mentor.


Maguuma Jungle

Story involvement[edit]

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Living World Season 2[edit]


Hard ground makes stronger roots.
I humbly welcome you.
Keep your voice down.
Not all that is hidden should be revealed.
Seize the moment.


  • Malomedies may be inspired by Archimedes, they have similar sounding names and both are astronomers and mathematicians.

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