Laranthir's weapons

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Laranthir's weapons are an ascended weapon set.

All weapons in this set are created from a  Yassith's Viper's Inscription.png Laranthir's Vigilant Inscription and therefore have Vigilant stats. Like all ascended weapons they also require a  Vision Crystal.png Vision Crystal to be made. Laranthir's weapons utilize the Terracotta Antique skins, identical to that used for other sets such as Occam's weapons and Grizzlemouth's weapons.


  • Crafting
  • Conversion of other ascended weapon pieces via the Mystic Forge with the recipe:
Item Rarity Discipline(s) Ingredients
Laranthir's weapon GAscended Mystic Forge
1  Durmand Priory Book.png Anthology of Heroes
1  Minstrel's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription.png Vigilant Orichalcum Imbued Inscription
5  Glob of Ectoplasm.png Glob of Ectoplasm
1 Skill.png Ascended weapon


Hand Weapon
Main Hand
Terracotta Antique Reaver.png Laranthir's Reaver
Terracotta Antique Razor.png Laranthir's Razor
Terracotta Antique Flanged Mace.png Laranthir's Flanged Mace
Terracotta Antique Revolver.png Laranthir's Revolver
Terracotta Antique Wand.png Laranthir's Wand
Terracotta Antique Blade.png Laranthir's Blade
Off hand Terracotta Antique Artifact.png Laranthir's Artifact
Terracotta Antique Bastion.png Laranthir's Bastion
Terracotta Antique Brazier.png Laranthir's Brazier
Terracotta Antique Herald.png Laranthir's Herald
Terrestrial Terracotta Antique Claymore.png Laranthir's Claymore
Terracotta Antique Warhammer.png Laranthir's Warhammer
Terracotta Antique Greatbow.png Laranthir's Greatbow
Terracotta Antique Musket.png Laranthir's Musket
Terracotta Antique Short Bow.png Laranthir's Short Bow
Terracotta Antique Spire.png Laranthir's Spire
Aquatic Terracotta Antique Impaler.png Laranthir's Impaler
Terracotta Antique Harpoon Gun.png Laranthir's Harpoon Gun
Terracotta Antique Trident.png Laranthir's Trident