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Applied Development Lab

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Applied Development Lab map.jpg
Map of Applied Development Lab

Applied Development Lab locator.svg
Location within Rata Sum

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Loading screen

Applied Development Lab.jpg
Applied Development Lab

The Applied Development Lab is an area within Rata Sum. It is the home instance for an asura player character, and represents the research lab of the player's krewe. Located on land, north-west of the Cube, it is accessible via an asura gate near the Magicat Court Waypoint (southwest corner of the 3rd level).


Points of Interest
Point of interest.png Engaged Demo Station
Asura Gates
Asura gate (map icon).png Creator's Commons



Feline (After feeding the cats of the Hungry cat scavenger hunt)
  • Gara (If the grawl have been helped)
  • Ikniu (If the hylek have been helped)
  • Shashoo (If the quaggan have been helped)


Belcher's Bluff (map icon).png Berddi
Gardener (map icon).png Botanist Dazzi (if you have purchased Black Lion Garden Plot Deeds)

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Krewe Apprentice: I guarantee the reactor explosion was due to user error.
Krewe Researcher: Have you traveled to the epicenter to investigate the cause?
Krewe Apprentice: Unnecessary. Ninty-nine percent of all mishaps are caused by overlooked details—ergo, user error.
Krewe Apprentice: The ephemeral synergy of entropic disorder prevents it from reaching a ground state.
Krewe Researcher: Actually, synergy is defined as a cooperative enterprise between two or more factors.
Female Asura: I know you. I just finished your treatise, "Eternal Alchemy Unified Field Theory."
Retired Researcher: Oh my. That was a long time ago. I was so young, so enthusiastic, so filled with ideas.
Female Asura: Any advice you can give me as I pursue my alchemical career?
Retired Researcher: Heh. Change schools. The Eternal Alchemy is unknowable.
Retired Researcher (1): The Snaff Prize certainly has generated a lot of excitement this year.
Retired Researcher (2): Feh. In a few months time, no one will even remember who won the stupid prize.
Retired Researcher (1): Wait, didn't you win a few years back?
Golemancer (1): Our discipline is in a rut. Every golem design simply builds on previous work.
Golemancer (2): Not this again. No one needs miniature golems. Leave it alone.
Golemancer (1): But I'm close. I just need to overcome the power problem. Perhaps a guano battery.
Golemancer: Every time the council appoints new Peacemakers, the golems go haywire.
Researcher: Why is that? Inexperience?
Golemancer: They all love to tinker and "improve" the golems.
Golemancer: Those golems have so many layers of autonomic commands, they can barely function.